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Microsoft Baseball 2000


Easy out

If the ball is hit in the outfield and the runner is still at first base, Go to the Right of 2nd base and go on the mound. Throw it to first and the runner will be tagged out.

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View programmer baseball cards:

Press S to have the batter spit. Keep pressing that key until the programmer baseball cards appear.

Bonus teams:

Click on the "Help" option, and select "About…". Right click twice when Wizbang (the company that developed the game) first appears on the second line of the copyright statement. The special teams that are unlocked include Robots, Microsoft, and Wizbang. Alternatively, enter ROBOTS, MICROSOFT, or WHIZBANG as the user names.

Training mode:

Press [Ctrl] + T to practice pitching and fielding.

Unlimited outs:

Hold [Ctrl] + R while at bat. The sound of a gun will confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to return to normal.

Super curveball:

When using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher, press S to throw a 107 mph curveball, even though it is not one of his listed pitches.

Walk around in the stadium:

When you are pitching and a player hits the ball, you have to ground it or catch it. Run behind home plate, then run on the dugout. Keep on running until you want to stop. Note: It will take a long time to get out.

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