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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos


Cheat Mode

During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes", then press Enter again:

Result - Code:

Invincibility and one hit kills - whosyourdaddy

Full map - Iseedeadpeople

Instant victory - allyourbasearebelongtous

Instant defeat - somebodysetusupthebomb

Continue playing after losing in campaign mode - strengthandhonor

Remove spell cool down - thedudeabides

Disable victory conditions - itvexesme

Gold; 500 is default - keysersoze

Lumber; 500 is default - leafittome

Gold and lumber; 500 is default - greedisgood

Fast construction - warpten

Fast death - iocainepowder

No need for food - pointbreak

Fast research - whoisjohngalt

Research upgrades - sharpandshiny

Disable Tech Tree requirements in campaign - synergy

Set time to morning - riseandshine

Set time to evening - lightsout

Set time of day - daylightsavings <1-24>

Toggle daylight progression - daylightsavings

Unlimited mana - thereisnospoon

Level select1 - motherland

submitted by: Jordan Cope

Ending bonus:

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to see a 20 second clip of what StarCraft 2 characters would look like under the WarCraft 3 engine after the credits. Note: This movie is in-game, after they play "football" during the ending credits. Also note the Orc in a spacesuit during that sequence.

Panda bears:

Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. Enable the iseedeadpeople code. Look at the left edge of the map until you find a waterfall. Have a unit go to the waterfall. You have to clear a path through the trees by attacking them. When you get to the waterfall, you will find the secret Pandaren relaxation area and see a photo of two panda bears.

Goblin telescope:

Play Chapter 2 of the Undead Campaign. There is a barn in the bottom left of the map. There are some sheep there. If you make them explode by clicking, one of them will leave a Goblin Telescope. To reach it, all you have to do is gain access to the site by chopping the trees nearby.

Robe Of The Magi:

In Chapter 5 of the Night Elves campaign, "Brother's By Blood," the first main quest's path has many mushroom trees where the river separates the land masses. In the bottom right of the land you are first on, do "Force Of Nature" on the mushrooms and send them to fight the skeletons. Move on until you see another mushroom group in the bottom right as well. Do the same spell and move onto the small circle. Then, kill the death Revenant and Skeletons to receive the Robe Of The Magi, which gives a +6 bonus to intelligence.

The Shrine of Uberfish:

In Chapter 5 of the Night Elves campaign, "Brother's By Blood," there are two main quests. The first is awakening the Druids of the Claw. In the second, freeing Illidan Stromrage, is where this secret is located. First, enable the iseedeadpeople code reveal the entire map. In the underground prison compound, you will see two circles of power behind some trees the patrolling guards. Send Whisperwind to the big circle, transporting her to the Shrine of Uberfish, which contains a Mantle Of Intelligence.


Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. Knock down the trees in the curve in the path which leads to the Rogue Wizard. A path to the left will lead to an intermission featuring the Sasquatch and Elder Sasquatch. Note: The Elder Sasquatch will leave behind a Claws Of Attack +6.

Hungry Hungry Hippo spoof:

Play Chapter 7 of the Orc campaign. Your Tauren units will eventually encounter a large salamander named "Hungry Hungry Lizard". Watch him as he eats the large patch of mushrooms nearby. After he is finished, he will explode, opening a path that leads to the Lion Horn of Stormwind.


Play Chapter 1 of the Human campaign. Take Arthas to the graveyard toward the east part of the map at night. Villagers and sheep that you killed will reappear.

Unlimited building:

Play the Undead campaign Chapter 5, Fall Of Slivermoon. First, destroy Sylvana Windrunner base. When the base is destroyed you will be able to make a new type of unit called a Banshee. After you get a Banshee, get her mana to 250 and use the Possession ability to take control one of the enemy's peasants. You be able to build all the enemy's units, and have unlimited human heroes if you build an Altar Of Kings with the controlled peasant. Also some builds can be stacked.

Easy experience:

There are always monsters near your base. Defeat them to gain about 120 experience points.

Maul Of Strength:

On Chapter 3 of the Human campaign follow the road up until you reach the bridge. When Archilles says you must find another way, go up the path to the east. Follow it up until you reach the Murlocs. Keep going up until you kill the entire band of Murlocs in that small area. You will notice only one Murloc Hut. Destroy it and you will get a Maul Of Strength.

Timmy the ghoul:

In Chapter 1 of the Human campaign, you can save Timmy from gnolls. In Chapter 4 of the Human campaign. after your defeat the first undead town you encounter Kel Thuzad. When the intermission ends, go to the lower path and you will see a cage. Attack the cage and a ghoul will appear, but not attack. Look at the ghouls name to learn that it is the same Timmy that you saved. Kill the ghoul to get a random item.


Play Chapter 1 of the Human campaign. Take Arthas to the graveyard toward the east part of the map at night. Villagers and sheep that you killed will reappear.

Goblin telescope:

Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. There is a barn in the bottom left of the map. There are some sheep there. If you make them explode by clicking, one of them will leave a Goblin Telescope. To reach it, all you have to do is gain access to the site by chopping the trees nearby.


Play the first mission of the Prologue. Enable the iseedeadpeople code, then look at the island at the top of the map to find some pirates guarding "phat lewt".

Funny comments:

Keep clicking the mouse over various units to hear funny comments. For example, click on the riflemen enough and he will quote Fat Bastard and say "Get in mah belly!"; the mortar teams say "Tassadar has failed us.

Pokemon - Emerald Version for GBA
Gold Bullion


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pcloakingdevice - Invisibility for Selected Grunt mplemonbuttercremez - Bonus Level: High on Sweetz mpyouresomoney - Bonus Level: High Rollerz mpmakemesomepie - Bonus Level: Honey I Shrunk the Kidz mpriorio - Bonus Level: Trouble in the Tropics GameTips -------- Tip 1 ----- Run through the training levels to figure out all of the Gruntz's capabilities. Tip 2 ----- Time is always of the essence; try to achieve your objectives quickly. Tip 3 ----- Breaking rocks will uncover secrets and power-ups. Tip 4 ----- Fighting enemies isn't always the best course of action; creativity is rewarded in this game.

erver password: "JOSHUA" Gamebible password: "toomanysecrets?" Uplink Test Machine password: "rosebud" Game developers Get disavowed, then quit the game. Log back into the game and when the score screen appears, move the pointer to the upper-left corner. A symbol will appear. Click on the symbol. Stealing To steal money from a bank get a trace an account mission and the gateway with the remote broadband connection so you cannot be directly traced. Then after completing the mission use that account number and log back in and make sure that the moniter and proxy bypasses are on so don't get traced and can delete the transfer. Transfer the money to your account. then delete the logs from the places that you used to bounce. then log onto your account and delete the record of the transfer so that when you account is accessed you don't have a record of it and then your clean. use phone numbers for call bouncing though(they don't have access logs and cannot be passivly traced). submitted by: hacker Hidden message: Open up the rear shell of the game's jewel case to find a hidden message on a white slip of paper. Crack into the InterNIC: To crack into the InterNIC, buy the Dictionary_Hacker v1.0 and use it on the Admin button. Mole Mission: Hack the admin account of the Uplink Internal Service System. Once there, download the agent lists (you cannot get #4). You will soon be emailed about selling the list. Cheaper memory: When buying memory in large amounts, purchase it in 24 Gq bundles. It is cheaper than all the others per module. False alarms: If you have the motion detector turned on, it will turn red when technicians are installing parts. Do not nuke your gateway then. Get extra links: Go to interNIC. Go to "Browse/Search". The large bookmark menu is all of the links in the game. Press the "Plus" button to the left of the bookmark to get it. You can now use them to bounce around your calls.

not answer any of the questions, but listen -- if no one answers, then read the answer. Keep a record of the it under the category and price. After the first session finishes, save the game. Go back into the game and you will have all the answers. This can also be done for Double Jeopardy.

Hidden & Dangerous
odhealth - gives you good health nohits - player doesn''''t take hits killthemall - kill all the enemies, but includes hostages too, beware! funnyhead - Big heads, great for snipin! gamedone - successfully completes current mission gamefail - current mission ends in failure openalldoor - opens all the doors showtheend - I believe this shows the ending movie for the game. Use at ya own risc. laracroft - heh. enemyf - shows enemy in front of you. enemyb - shows enemy behind you (so you can see where/what they are doing). playercoords - your coordinates in the game. debugdrawvolumes - no idea what this does. debugdrawwire - wireframe mode quickload - from the VERY 1st screen, I tried typing in iamcheater and then quickload, and I think the purpose of this is a quick random mission. I was put on the ship.