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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero


Cheat Mode

Access the console by pressing ` and then enter the following:

Fly - enables you to fly

god - Invincibility

noclip - go through walls

notarget - enemies do not see you

sv_cheats 1 - Enables cheats

bot_zombie 1 - make them just stand there

bot_pistols_only - the bots will only buy pistols

kick - kick the bots

bot_sniper_only - bots only buy snipers

bot_goto_mark #number - make the bot go to specific places

bot_difficulty - set the bot/s difficulty level

bot_knives_only 1 - Bots only use knives

bot_kill - Kills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is not planted

restart - to restart the map without losing any goals

cl_levellocks 16382 - Bring down the All Deleted Scenes

bot_stop 1 - Makes the bot's stand still

mp_startmoney 16000 - Gives all the money you can have

Item names

Use one of the following values with the "give [name]" code to spawn the indicated item:























The Settlers 7 Patch 1.01 - 1.09
Warcraft Maps: DotA Allstars [Spanish]
Sims3 - Topshop Dress1


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Transport Tycoon
ulldozer to destroy it. The computer will not rebuild it! Transport Tycoon Deluxe ======================= Make Millions of Dollars the dishonest way! Step 1: When a company is about to go bankrupt and asks you if you would like to purchase the company, say "No". Step 2: Open up that company's window and purchase 75% of their stock. DO NOT CLOSE THAT WINDOW! Step 3: Move the window off to the side of the screen and forget about it for 3 months of game time. The computer player will be declared bankrupt, but the displayed value of the company in the STILL OPEN company window will be in the millions! Step 4: Sell the 75% of the company you own and you'll make a bundle! Warning!!! This has crashed my system on several occasions! SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE THE THREE MONTH MARK IS UP!!!

lde (~) key, and then type in the cheat "invoke 1:86". invoke 1:86 - Cheat Menu battlewin - Escaping Battles noclip - No Clipping map - Change Map exec noxdrop, exec noxdrop_ai, exec bed, exec envshot - Editing goodies (use at your own risk) Modify Game Speed Use the console and type "timescale #" where # = greater than 0 and less than 1 then game slows down equal to 1 then game is running at normal speed greater than 1 then game speeds up (great for long video sequences) No Clipping Mode Edit the config file as stated above, access the console by pressing tilde (~), then type in "noclip". Skip Battles Edit the config file as stated above, access the console by pressing tilde (~), then type in "battlewin". Mapnames: tours tours2 bricksb hovel rowdys bricksd whacks zordos mmuseum onegate bricksc casinox tenements bricksc2 franks grumpos mystech1 mystech2 sewagic1 sewagic2 slounge museum vendomart senderss scommons sendormitory routubes1 routubes2 mugmug redlight sexmach orange tubbies slutopia starport labbuilding servicetunnel sunstrip votowne chamber republic warshipbay hephpoor hephaestus hephtower1 hephtower2 hephfactory hephpipes hephlava levant1 levant2 levant kraptonbay kraptonmaze kraptonjail ballotine baltown doren waugees whitendon whitecaves tensil temple commiteon commbase limbus crevicelanding crevice   Another cheating method Instead of replacing "debug 0" with "debug 1" try changing "developer 0" to "developer 1" and leaving the debug line set to 0. During the game, you can use the following keys (not in the console, just hit the button!): N - No clipping mode U - Developer menu (from this menu the game will be FULLY modifiable!) Binding to a key You can bind specific commands to a key. Just enter in the console: bind key_name "action" (for example: bind a "timescale 1"). You can add binding to config file in config directory, and then you can load it by typing in console: exec _config_name_without_extension Hacking the game Open 'C:AnachronoxanoxdataCONFIGS' and look around the files. You can open any of them as a txt file (make a backup first!). Specifically, the developer file - devl.cfg. You'll notice that here, and all the other files, there are command lines like. Type in the following command (it doesn't matter where, but the file was organized when it was made): bind u "invoke 1:86" This will start function "invoke 1:86," the in-game cheat menu, whenever the 'u' key is pressed. You can cut and paste other lines. They should be self-explainatory about what they do. Then use your discretion to change what keystroke it's bound to and what it does.