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Rugrats: The Search For Reptar


Bonus level

Successfully complete the game after collecting at least thirteen Reptar bars to play as Reptar in a bonus level.

Mini-golf section

Run to the rear of the big pyramid on the eighth hole of the min-golf section. Enter to find Reptar Bars.

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nd bet all your money on one car that looks the fastest. It it does not win at least three races out of four, turn off the Xbox and turn it back on. It will load your last autosave. Try the same sprint again until you win then find a different sprint and start the entire process again. Unlimited Money On code section enter "FAST" to get unlimited money in arcade mode. More Cheat Codes Select the "Cheat" option at the menu. Extra Money - CASH Unlock All Arcade Mode Cars - PINT Everyone Respects You - RESP Unlock All Cars - CARS Full Crew - CREW Character Test Mode - CHAR Win all races - WIN. Activate all codes - ALL. Upgrade Cars fast Buy a car and let one of your crewmembers drive it in a race three times (if he is winning them) or four times (if he is not winning). The fastest way is a 2-lap circuit race on your own track. Completion bonuses: Get a 100% completion in career mode to unlock prototype mods for all cars in career mode and the Extreme Nitrous Series in Arcade Mode. Information in this section was contributed by TONYHOTROD2000. Arcade bonuses: Complete the all the series in Arcade Mode, except the Extreme Nitrous Series, to unlock the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Prototype Challenge Series. Information in this section was contributed by TONYHOTROD2000. All Prototype parts: Get 1,500 respect points from all CPU characters.

Carmageddon 2
s TILTY Pinball mode STIFFSPASMS Timer reversed STOPSNATCH Toggle timer WATERSPORT Underwater capability ZAZAZ Pedestrian annihilator POWPOW Opponent repulsificator STICKYTYRES Climb walls TIMMYTITTY Time bonus GOODHEAD Peds With Stupid Heads EVENINGOCCIFER Drunk Driving FRYFRY Gives Pedestrian Flamethrower Clangclang Bodywork Trashed Bloodyhippy Drugs Xrayspeks Ethereal Pedestrians Twatoff Explosive Pedestrians Didedodi Mine ShittingAbility Dotaction Pedestrians on Map Oypowerupno Powerup Cancellificationisizer Bigtwat Solid Granite Car Takemetakeme Suicidal Pedestrians shift/ctrl/alt+# after putting in cheat mode press shift/ctrl/alt+# and you will have that cheat (eg. 1 = loads of money) [send by:Sheean] lapmylovepump enter this in game play to access cheat mode [send by:Sheean ] Tip 1 ----- Always keep your finger poised over the repair key so you can save yourself from disaster should you fall off a building or wind up on the receiving end of an opponent's vicious attack. If you're not quick enough you could end up getting wasted. Tip 2 ----- To complete the mission in which all of the escaped mental patients must be killed and a lone patient is located atop an inaccessible plateau, drive to the base of the hill where the straggler is standing. Then honk your horn continuously. He'll eventually panic and fall to his death. Tip 3 ----- If you wish to maximize your credits in any given level, forget about completing the race. Instead plan to waste all but one of your opponents and then use the bonus time you've established to clean up on the pedestrians and power-ups. Once you've had your fill, you can waste the final opponent to end the level. Door Cheat ---------- During the game, if there are a bunch of peds, press shift then enter and you will open your doors and kill them (press enter again and you will close the doors and you will have to just hit enter any other time). Retail Version: --------------- If you want a quick cheat, you will have to edit the ...dataPedsSettings.txt file (... is the directory into which you installed Carmageddon 2). Near the start of the file (in the general stuff section) you should see a line that has three numbers followed by the text "// Points score per ped (each level)". Edit the threenumbers to three other larger numbers. This will change the number of credits you win for killing pedestrians. In addition, on the line below you should see three numbers followed by "// Time score per ped (each level)". Increasing these three numbers gives you more time per pedestrian killed. DEMO Version: ------------- If you want to play as any car in the demo (excluding the truck), then all you have to do is change one line in the GENERAL.TXT (in the data directory), which reads EAGLE3.TXT (it's right after 'Cars to use as defaults:' ) to anything you want. The names of the cars you can use are found in the data/cars dir. Note: any try by me to change the car to the truck (using VOLVO.TXT) caused the demo to lock up at the screen. Hints ------- While playing Carmageddon2, I figured out a way to take off at the start of a race before the announcer finishes counting down: As soon as the race comes up, and you arer ready, hold down the Z key or your wheel spin while holding down the gas, then let go of the wheel spin key and keep on the gas, the anouncer will say, "Hey you!" and then you're free to take off with a mighty advantage way before the announcer finishes counting down! Carmageddon 2 - Hexcheat ------------------------ If you want to play with 100,000,000,000 credits, then all you have to do is change one line in the GENERAL.TXT (which is in the DATA folder), which reads, "// Starting money for each skill level" (look closely, its hard to find) to 100000000000,1000000000000,1000000000000.

Battle Isle 3
8 --- 67 31 24 4 19 --- 12 43 37 1 20 --- 62 45 42 5