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Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition


Cheat mode

Enter the following codes during Gameplay:

Code - Effect

Ctrl + Shift + T - Alter Council Time

Ctrl + Shift + U - Alter Unit

Hold Shift and press 123456 release Shift and press T - God Mode

Ctrl + Shift + Q - Remodel Throne Room

Shift+F8 - Change Terrain At Cursor

Shift+F1 - Create Unit

Ctrl+Shift+D - Destroy Units At Cursor

Ctrl+Shift+F6 - Edit Acheived Technologies

Ctrl+Shift+C - Edit City

Ctrl+Shift+K - Edit King

Shift+F9 - Edit Money, Maximum=99999

Ctrl+Shift+U - Edit Unit

Ctrl+K - Enable Usage of Codes

Shift+F6 - Finish the Pending Science Research

Shift+F7 - Immediately Change the Gov. Form

Shift+F5 - Kill A Civilization

Shift+F2 - Reveal Map

Ctrl+Shift+S - Save As Scenario

Ctrl+Shift+P - Scenario Parameters

Shift+F4 - Set Game Year (Enter Turn #)

Shift+F3 - Set Human Player

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