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Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy

Cheat mode:

Press [Enter] during game play, enter one of the following codes, thenpress [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code

Mana and gold set to 9999 - moneyfornothing

Reset party movement points to full - borntorun

Heal entire party - help!

Win mission - wearethechampions

Lose mission - loser

Full map - herecomesthesun

Hide map - paintitblack

Allow buildings in the capital again - anotherbrickinthewall

Peace with all countries - givepeaceachance

War with all countries - badtothebone

Alliance with all countries - cometogether

All party members almost at next experience level - jump

All party members level up - stairwaytoheaven

Revive fallen units - lifeisacarnival

Know units within enemy cities and generals - allalongthewatchtower

AI does not notice you - invisibletouch

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