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.hack Part 2: Mutation

DVD Easter Egg

This only works on the companion DVD with .hack 2. On the Title Menu, select Data, highlight Gallery, then press RIGHT then ENTER/CONFIRM SELECTION.

Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the parody mode. Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue. Note: This is only available in the Japanese version.

Grunty racing

When you are Grunty racing, make sure you save any progress you made in the game. First, get a lot of practice by not worrying about wasting all your money. Then, reset the game without saving to get your money back. Do not save if you place first. If you wait until you get very good, first will be easy. Instead, try to place a half to one second past second place so that you can get up to three Silver Gruntys. Do the same thing for first place to get up to three Golden Gruntys.

Grunty food

An easy way to get food for Grunties is to go to the areas where you played tag with the Goblins. There usually is a lot of food there, and no monsters.

When you are looking for Grunty food in the field, call Noble Grunty and press [Triangle]. He will automatically track down Grunty food for you. Also, Aqua Grunty and Rocker Grunty will take you to the dungeon if you are too far away from the dungeon.

Drain Arc

After obtaining the last Ryu Book (Ryu Book VIII), Data Drain a few more times to obtain Drain Arc, which allows you to Data Drain multiple enemies at one time.

Golden Egg s

Go to Lambda Collapsed Pangen Remains. In the third room is a Golden Egg . Get it, then go to the field. Walk or use Sprite Orcanas to get to the field. Repeat this as many times as desired to get many Golden Egg s.

On the level where the people are trading, go to where the Golden Gruntie Egg is located. Take it, leave the dungeon, then turn. There will be another one.

Golden Axe and Silver Axe

Go to the weapons shop in root town Lambda - L, Cultural City Carmina Gadelica and buy one Spiral Edge for 700 GP. Each time you encounter a Spring Of Myst, throw in the Spiral Edge. Monsieur will tell you that "With a weapon of this level, there is nothing I can do". He will give you back the Spiral Edge plus one Golden Axe and one Silver Axe every time. Note: This trick works with any "rare" weapon thrown in the Spring Of Myst.

Easy level up

Put in a random keyword until you find a significantly higher level than yours (use Kite only) and make sure what element it is. Once you reach the server, use Speed Scrolls, Warrior Bloods, etc., and items such as Burning Oil, Well Water, or magics to raise element damage. Use a Hermit Blood on Kite and raise his element damage with an item/magic (whichever element is needed). Encounter an enemy with the opposite element and you

will do heavy damage. After you level up, bring your other characters to the stage. You will notice that they also grew in levels by a bit. Use the same strategy (if needed) and raise their level as well.

Easy battles

Keep powering up your Wavemasters so that you can just let them do all the work. None of them will get hurt. Make sure to have a lot of Artisan's Souls.

When you are going out to go to fields, choose Blackrose and Mistral in your party. They are very useful. Make sure they have strong weapons from .hack Part 1: Infection. Have Mistral equip Starstrom or Storm whatever. She will have Summonings 1 and 2 of Earth Yarthkins and level 2 Vulcan Fire. Also find an armor for her that has Ola Repth. It recovers 400 HP with anyone near the target she is healing. When in battle, have Mistral use the First Aid command and if you have to everyone First Aid.


The characters in game and the television series .hack//sign are similar in appearances, but different in personalities. The following is a list of the game characters and their opposites.

Game - Series

Gardinea - BT

Orca - Bear

BlackRose - Mimiru

Marlo Silver - Knight

Nuke Usagimaru - Crim

Moonstone - Sora

Terajima Ryoku - Subaru

Natsume - A-20

Elk - Tsukasa

Key Axe

If you completed .hack Part 1: Infection and finished the OVA Keyword dungeons you should have an Ice Bar. If not, go to Delta: Hideous, Organ Market, Scaffold, and when you reach the Statue of Gott you will receive the Ice Bar. Go to the Root Town and look for a player named Panta. You trade the Ice Bar to him for a Level 38 Key Axe.

Hidden dungeon

After you defeat Magus (the last enemy), you will get two e-mails from One just tells you that you can convert your game data into the next .hack. The other one gives you a hidden dungeon. Restock on healing items and Resurrects when you log on and give your characters the strongest armor and weapons you have. Mia and Wiseman also are finally able to join your party. Take Wiseman (Elk or Mistral will do just fine) and someone with good attacks. Give Wiseman better armor (something that lets him cast Ola Repth and Rip Maen recommended) and a good weapon (Great Elite or Rod of Pattern recommended). After fully prepared, go to Theta: Bitter, Fantasy, Mirror World. Use the Virus Core U you received earlier to hack the Gate. The dungeon is level 50; make sure everyone is at a high level. When you reach the door with the purple flame, a Boss is behind it. Heal your characters and recover their SP. Head to the magic portal and you will fight Agnomen. Angolmere is an easy Boss if you know the correct tactics. Have Kite attack a couple of times and retreat so the Boss will not hit you. Send your attacker to attack and use skills. He or she will most likely get killed frequently; use Resurrects to revive them. Set Wiseman to First Aid and occasionally switch him to use magic. Angolmere only attacks one character at a time. This lets you attack him as he is barraging your other character. Keep Wiseman healing, and when he gets low, use a Mage's Soul on him. When Angolmere gets a little more than halfway past his health, he Protect Breaks. Use Data Drain and you will receive the Crimson Raid Twin Blade weapon. Also, after you kill the Death Head that he becomes after Data Drain, you receive the Lucky Shoes which allows the casting of Rig Saem and Rig Gaem.

Getting good weapons

Visit your Grunty to get good weapons that might help. Just go to Lamda or the first place where you raised your own Grunty then talk and trade.

First, get a powerful weapon that you can hold. Unequip it and go to a high level area. Go to a stream and throw the weapon in there. You will either get a more powerful weapon or your original weapon back and a golden and silver axe. If it does not happens, go to a higher level area with a stream.

Rare weapons

If you Data Drain monsters, you can either get Virus Cores or weapons/armor. Most high level monsters have very rare weapons and strong armor. Most of these monsters are above level 45; be careful when fighting them. If you do not receive the item, keep Data Draining that monster. However, do not Data Drain too much where you are in danger of system crashing.

House Golem: Laevateinn (Heavy Blade)

Wander Demon: Rod of Pattern (Wave Master)

Mad Witch: SWORD (Blademaster)

Harpy Queen: Great Elite (Wavemaster), Jishuwen (Long Arm)

Easter Rock: 8 Key Guardian (Heavy Axeman)

Squidpod: Fishskin (Twin Blade)

King Worm: Bureido (Blademaster)

Angolmere: Crimson Raid (Twin Blade)

Starcraft 2 Map - (4) MCP-010 [ Braxis Alpha ]
Sky Battle
Sims3 - Eyes 10
Mario Game: Super Mario Destruction
Mario Game: Normal Super Mario Bros. 2


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Robot Wars - Arenas of Destruction
the previously locked arena will be playable. Switch robots At the main menu, select "War Zone" and choose any robot. After winning a match, the game will display your upcoming opponent. Press Select + A to play as your opponent against the robot that you last defeated. Play as Behemoth Win the Russian Rampage Cup to unlock Behemoth. Play as Chaos 2 Win the Robot Wars World Championship Tournament Cup to unlock Chaos 2. Play as Firestorm Win The Hamburg Heavyweight Cup to unlock Firestorm. Play as Hypnodisc Win the Flip Frenzy Tournament Cup as Chaos 2 to unlock Hypnodisc. Play as Mortis Win the Liberty Lightweight Cup in the North America Arena with a bought lightweight class robot. Mortis can now be bought for 40,000 credits. Play as Razor Win The Nerves Of Steel Cup to unlock Razor. Play as Thor Win the Robot Wars Championship Cup to unlock Thor. Extra credits Purchase cheap armor and weapons from the junkyard and add them to your spares. Save the game and return to the main menu. Then, return to the robot setup screen. Sell the armor and weapons to get full price for them.

England International Football
elect "Custom Tournament". Select the "Start A New Game" option, set the desired tournament or league options, enter DNALGNE as a league name.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
ter Stillman, Snake will follow and help you on your missions.Peter will also give you a shotgun,brown wig(unlimited ammo),Orange wig(unlimited grip),silver wig(unlimited health), a grenade launcher and the super supresser(silences any wepon(including the grenade launcher!)) By the way, to successfully activate the cheat, you must type it in 1 minute. Good Luck! submitted by: Afroman Control intermission sequences During an intermission sequence, press the Right Analog-stick to move the view or R1 to zoom-in. submitted by: DJ REBELION Codec control During any Codec conversation, press the Left Analog-stick or Right Analog-stick to control the character's faces. Press L3 or R3 to zoom-in on the faces. Press R1 or R2 while Snake or Raiden is listening to someone to hear their thoughts. submitted by: DJ REBELION Get stealth Play first trough game in very easy and all dog tags then save and load get now easy mode and all dog tags save and load then get medium mode and all dog tags save and load now you must have a stealth in your inventory. Make a guard jelous of your d**k when you are raiden.just after when you have come off the tourture machine run out of both doors and when you see the first guard let him catch you and let him chase you back to the tourture machine press up on it and if you have done it right a straw should cover your d**k and then the guard comes running in and looks down at your d**k and says "huh i wish i had one like that" submitted by: scott callan Beat Up Loads Of Marines At Once Ok, first you need the stealth gismo otherwise you get seen, then you just stand next to one MARINE WHO IS IN FORMATION and hit him until snake does a roundhouse kick and the guy goes flying, then sitback and wacht what happens. (Note:dont walk into a marine because your stealth is turned off and you get spotted.) submitted by: BobbyChenoble Snake and Emma Events When Emma is crossing the oil fence if you equp the Directional Microphone and point it over to Snake's Sniping point (Strut E) You can hear him talking to himself about asking Emma out to dinner. And if oyu point it at Emma while she's walking you hear her complaining. submitted by: Ross this wat u need THis will help plz read throw it no walk throws or nothing just really good info ok u want somthing well here it is if you take a picture or every girl pic on the tanker level even a pic of Olga when you beat her of corse then enter those pictues to that thing Octaon tells you to then you will get some funny remarks next ok so like if any one knows any cheats or how many dog tags needed to get the hf blade then e-mail me ok next i will tell how many dog tags your need to unlock stuff tanker i think like just get all the dog tags for the very easy and easy and you should get the banada that gives you inf ammo Next if you get all the dog tags on just normal you should get seath if makes you invisable to all guys but don't bump in to them or else it will go off Same thing just get all of the dog tags on very easy and easy to get the inf wig which gives your inf ammo,get all of normal to get the seath, and get all the dog tags to get B wig it can get you inf grip when you hang but it has to be on and the last one i don't know myself im starting exterm to see wat i get o yea e-mail if u wanna know all the location of the gurds that have dog tags, i will put below a list of dog tags for normal on the plant level i won't give you very easy and easy because it is easy so you can do in again but normal, hard and exterm because you may won't to do it once and get them all in one shot instand of doing it again and again and now the list for normal on play level and i will give you the other too if you e-mail me Plant | |==============| ID | Name |D.O.B|BLD| Location ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 000| Solid Snake |??? |? | Arsenal Gear-Ascending Colon 001| Christopher J U. |0908 |A | Strut A roof 002| Christophe L Lallemand |0420 |O | Strut A Pump Room 003| Hurell F Lyons |0905 |O | Strut A Pump Room 004| Juntaro Saito |0418 |O | AB connecting bridge 005| So Toyota |0707 |A | AB connecting bridge 006| Robert J Bryk |1123 |? | Strut B Transformer Room 007| Scott A Morgan |0210 |O | Strut B Transformer Room 008| George T Joseph |0717 |O | BC connecting bridge 009| Vahe V Varujan |0611 |A | Strut C Dining Hall 010| Mark Mugendi |0813 |A | Strut C Dining Hall 011| Irene C Carvalho |0405 |O | CD connecting bridge 012| Jools Watsham |0328 |O | CD connecting bridge 013| Adam J Schick |0822 |? | Strut D Sediment Pool 014| Takayoshi Ogawa |1130 |O | Strut D Sediment Pool 015| Jamie A Trumper |1119 |? | Strut D Sediment Pool 016| Sergio Carranza |0205 |? | DE connecting bridge 017| Michiko Arai |0930 |O | DE connecting bridge 018| Takashi Mizutani |0704 |B | Strut E Parcel Room 019| Christian Cr Renner |1221 |O | Strut E Parcel Room 020| Andy B Gilder |0617 |? | Strut E Parcel Room 021| Takashi Horikawa |1212 |A | Strut E heliport 022| Kevin T Petty |0504 |A | Strut E heliport 023| Guilherme K Saran |0218 |? | Strut E heliport 024| Chen Yen Wen |0916 |A | Strut F warehouse 025| Caroline Frechette |0115 |A | Strut F warehouse 026| Rafael Estaregue |1113 |B | Strut F warehouse 027| Tomokazu Fukushima |1228 |A | FA connecting bridge 028| Monte S Tate |0915 |? | Shell 1 Core, 1F 029| Stephanie Hattenberger |0617 |A | Shell 1 Core, 1F 030| Jason B Wray |0530 |A | Shell 1 Core, 1F 031| Matt T Federspiel |0112 |? | Shell 1 Core, 1F 032| Iiro Karvinen |0713 |A | Shell 1 Core, B1 033| Ray A Holdren |0922 |B | Shell 1 Core, B1 034| Hiro Takada |0414 |A | Shell 1 Core, B1 035| Eric C Macway |0618 |O | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room 036| Ian J Roberts |1020 |O | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room 037| Alexandre Bertrand |0707 |A | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room 038| Peter D McCarthy |0630 |? | Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room 039| Ichiro Kutome |0908 |O | KL connecting bridge 040| Yutaka Negishi |0523 |B | Strut L Sewage T. Facility 041| Renata N Csio |0831 |? | Strut L Sewage T. Facility 042| Tony J Case |0101 |O | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air P. Room 043| Paul M Blacketer |0318 |O | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air P. Room 044| Dennis J Krimpelbein |0128 |? | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air P. Room 045| Stanley A Garcia |0612 |O | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air P. Room 046| Charles P Quivers |0928 |B | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air P. Room 047| Sevak N Fair |0323 |? | Shell 2 Core, 1F Air P. Room 048| Peter Stillman |1116 |A | Strut E heliport copy and paste this on word pad or something to print it submitted by: Jon Cardboard Box Transports If you equip a cardboard box, you can get on the conveyor belt. Which box you are equipping determines where you are taken. Box 1 (grocery) - Strut C Dining hall Box 2 (electronic appliances) - Strut B Transformer room Box 3 (daily commodities) - Strut A Pump room Box 4 (action figures) - Strut F warehouse Box 5 (video game software) - Strut E B1 - return to Strut E Parcel room submitted by: Ross Get both of snakes dog tags To get both of snake's dog tags (both on plant mission) you have to do this: PLISKINS DOGTAG: When snake gives you olga's sword and he lets you play about with it let go of any weapons and start punching snake (he will fight back, just keep punching him) the he will fall unconcious. Then go and get the dog tag that he has. MERYL'S DOGTAG: When you and snake are fighting the arsenal ninjas select your m9 and shoot snake in the head. Then just get the dogtag. submitted by: Rik kill without snaping there neaks or usin when your playing snake and you just start take a right turn and go all the way down to the secod staircase choke him and let go he will be knocked out but not dead carry him down the stairs and take another right while holding him . then there should be a oppening go strait an there should be a white box shaped line go to that with the body and go into the line and go right as your about to touch the wall there will be a video showing snake disposing of the body submitted by: mike reinhardt Raiden Makes love to Emma Ok.Play in plant chapter until u get to emma after fighting Vamp. Tap on the locker she is hiding in 20 times then pause the game and press up,down,left,right,circle,circle,circle,square. Open the locker and she will be naked. Raiden will say " your so cute" and emma asks " WIll you make love to me?" Raiden says yes and they do it in the room while water rushes in. The game ends and you get stealth and wig and the hf blade in the beginning when u load again. submitted by: Jacob Stop the bleeding You all know when you get caught by guards or fight bosses, you lose some life. If you get it low enough, it will start bleeding, as you know. Crouch and go in first person view mode until your life is green again. It doesn't refill your life completely, so be careful. If you get shot, just do it again. (This is good if you're looking for rations.) [send by:Ryan] God's Luck Sometimes you'll see a guard getting ready to turn a corner. If you have nowhere to go or you're in a hurry, push up against the wall and face the way the guard came. Keep going and you'll be able to pass the guard without him knowing. Try not to touch him or he'll call for backup. [send by:Ryan] The Legendary Konami Cheat At the end of the game a code will be shown. Press up,up,down,down,left,rightleftright quickley,followed by O or X to make Snake talk. This code does something in most Konami games. [send by:Bob Marleys Ghos Casting theatre Once you complete the game once on any difficulty you get the casting theatre. In This you can choose which characters you put in each of the nine scenes. eg.Have a group of mmiddle aged women raid the tanker instead of soldiers [send by:Reggae master] Get Peter Stillmans Dogtags After Beating Fatman,shake him down to get Stillmans dogtags. [send by:Sam Skuse] Stronger Grip Dangle over a ledge (with raiden or Snake) and do 100 pull ups (R2 AND L2 together) and after 100 your grip streagnth will go up, do another 100 and itll go up again. [send by:Craig] Quick Reload Deselect and Reselect a weapon to reload it quicker. [send by:Craig] Sunglasses Succesfully complete the game2 times on any difficulty setting and when going through the game a 3rd time Snake and Raiden will both be wearing some cool glasses. [send by:Craig] Quick Codec skip Press triangle twice on your controlpad to make the codec calls go alot faster. [send by:Craig] Mei Ling On the end credits youll notice there is a woman that plays the voice of Mei Ling but she is not in this game. Oh but she is on the tanker episode keep saving as snake (exit the codec then reopen it every time u save) and Otacon will give u chinese folk tales eventually he will loose his bit of paper with them all down and starts making things up then eventually mei ling appears and gives him a piece of her mind. [send by:Craig ] Staff details On plant episode put your name as Hideo Kojima in the first node you come up to and recieve his details. [send by:Craig] Birthday Message Match your birthdate to the date on your playsation 2 on the plant episode and recieve a birthday message. [send by:Craig] Marine bowling On the tanker level enter one the rooms with the marines in. Thn proceed to run up and roll into them.this should cause a scatter effect, making them all jump in to each other knocking most of them down. [send by:John Howard - Kyan] Snake in a box After the cut scene with Peter Stillman (the bomb guy), head to the CD connecting bridge to the Sediment Pool. Before you head out onto the brigde, go into First Person view mode and look up the brigde. You'll see Snake in a cardboard box also heading towards the Sediment Pool. He has also knocked out the guard on that bridge. Shoot the box or get too close and Snake will run away! [send by:Owen H] Extreme Mode After you beat the game once, you'll unlock the Extreme difficulty level. Get Digital Camera After you beat the game, you can play the game over with the same save and you'll have the Digital Camera in your inventory for both the Plant and Tanker episodes. You can use this to take pictures and save them onto your memory card. Get the Wig First play through both the Tanker and Plant episodes and get every dog tag. Then start a new game and save. You will then have a wig in your inventory that gives you infinite ammo and allows you to not have to reload. Bathroom Problems When you're listening to the converasation between Ocelot and Solidus with your Directional Mic, press left to point the mic at the bathroom. You'll be able to listen to a very humorous scene where some guy is having problems on the toilet. Daze the Guards Even the stealthy sometimes get caught. When this happens, a blue exclamation point will appear above the guard's head. If you shoot the blue punctuation mark, you'll knock the guard out temporarily. Lazy Troop ON the level Tanker when you enter the first room with all the marines in look over the edge of the rail at the marines and near the middle around the 3rd row there is a troop who forgot to put his trousers on (he he) [send by:John Howard-kyan] A couple of things To get the special items in the game, you need dog tags. Here is a list of how many you need for each item: Tanker Bandana - 30% of all dog tags or 46 dog tags(infinite bullets) Stealth - 50% of all dog tags or 78 dog tags(invisible to enemies but bosses) Plant SP wig - 30% of all dog tags or 73 dog tags.(infinite bullets stealth - 50% of all dog tags or 121 dog tags.(invisible to enemies but bosses) Wig B - 70 % of all dog tags or 170 dog tags.(infinite grip guage) Wig A - 90 % of all dog tags or 218 dog tags.(infinite O2 guage) To get the special items, you must complete the episode in question and save after all the movies/credits. When you load the game for the next game, you can pick either the tanker or plant and you'll get the items you gained. I trust you all know how to get dog tags, but if you don't, then read this. When a guard has his back turned to you, go up to him with a hand-gun and press fire but keep it held. Then, when the guards arms fling up into the air, walk to his front with your gun still pointing at him. Aim the gun at his face to get a dog tag. If the guard says something like "who are you" or "just try to pull the trigger", then shoot him in the arm or leg with your Socom/USP. All guards have dog tags on the difficulty levels very easy, easy, normal, hard and extreme excepet the guards who are called in for back-up. submitted by: Adam Holgeth