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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Mission Password











Nightmare House 2: Official Trailer
JoyTunes - Recorder
Sims3 - Black/Orange Dress
Sky Fire
Mario Game: Super Mario Bros: Dual Dash


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Joe And Mac: Caveman Ninjas
d up. The bonus level also contains a key that allows entry to the blue dots on the map. Another red egg that leads to a bonus level is at the beginning of level 9. Continue at dinosaur in last level: If you lose a life inside the dinosaur, select "Yes" to continue. The map with the last continue location will appear. Begin game play at that location, then press Start, Select. The game will resume inside the dinosaur. Maximum lives: Return to a level that contains an extra life after completing it once. Take the extra life and press Start, Select to end the level. Repeat this procedure to accumulate extra lives. Extra lives: Collect a key to go to the first blue spot. Collect all the meat and wait for the extra life to drop, but do not collect it. Wait at this location and four more extra lives will drop down.

Asterix And Obelix
sterix, Dog, Obelix

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
he names of the crew from the original Star Trek series. Extra ships: Enter the ship selection screen before using the combat simulator. Hold L + R + Select, then press A, Y, B, Y. The Excelsior and Romulan Phoenix will join the fleet. When you use the Excelsior and Pheonix starship trick, the Venturi, Gorn and Tholian ships also join the fleet in one player, but you can only play against them. Prototype-A: Enter the two-player combat simulator. Hold L + R + Select, then press A, Y, B, Y. Choose the Gorn cruiser using controller one and the Romulan Phoenix using controller two. Allow the Phoenix win, and enter the one-player combat simulator. The Prototype-A Excelsior will be available. Alternate ending: Use the default name "Darryl Hawkins" to play the game. Enter the password option screen. Enter XYYALARYARAA as a password, then press X, Y, X, Y, A, B, A, B and press Select to enter the password. Select an insignia and choose the "Ship" option when it appears. Select choice "A" to hail the Kobayashi Maru. Navigate toward coordinates 014,021. Hail the Klingons when they are about to attack. Abort mission: Hold R + L + Select during a mission to abort. Note: You automatically fail the mission.

Tecmo Secret Of The Stars
h) answer "Yes" and she will bribe the guards. Your gold will turn into the maximum amount for Kustera.