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Star Wars: Episode 1 - Jedi Power Battles


Return to last checkpoint

After losing all lives during a level, continue the game , and enter the same level. Pause the game and press L, R, L(2), R(2), L, R(2), L to start at the last checkpoint passed before dying.

Radar map

Pause the game and press Up, Down, Up, L, R, L to display a radar map at the top of the screen that shows enemies and hostages (Handmaidens in level 4, Pilots in level 9).

Jedi Power Battle mode

While playing a game in two player mode, press R + A + B + X + Y to activate Jedi Power Battle mode and allow one player to damage the other and vice versa. Repeat this code to disable it.


Successfully complete all seven training levels and save the game to unlock a Jedi named Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Play as Darth Maul

Successfully complete the game with Qui-Gon Jinn to unlock Darth Maul. The version of Darth Maul you will play as is the one you fight on the final level.

Play as Queen Amidala

Successfully complete the game with Plo Koon to unlock Queen Amidala. She fights with her fists and a laser gun.

Play as Captain Panaka

Successfully complete the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi to unlock Captain Panaka. He fights with his fists and a laser gun.

Level 11: Droidekas

Successfully complete the game with Plo Koon.

Level 12: Kaadu Race

Successfully complete the game with Adi Gallia.

Level 13: Gugan Round-up

The Gugan Round-up level is accessed by finding the three Gugan artifacts throughout the game . They are in the following locations:

Naboo Swamp

Near the end of the second level down in crevice.


On a medium size plateau up against the screen. Jump forward in a leap of faith. It is inside the hut with the Jawa in front of it.

Gugan Ruins

Near the end after the covered trap, right next to a tree and a large patch of bushes.

Level 14: Survival Challenge

Successfully complete the game with Mace Windu. -From:

Ultimate Saber

In level 14, fight 100 opponents, including all the troop types from the game to unlock the Ultimate Saber. The Ultimate Saber enables one-hit kills on all enemy characters excluding Bosses. You can turn it on or off in menu that appears when the game is paused. Note: You only need to get it once with one of the characters for all characters in that mode (one or two player) to be able to use it.

Final Battle level

Use the following steps to pass the multi-colored force field room. There are twelve sections in the force field room. Number each section from 1 to 12: [1][2][3][4]

Exit 5 [5][6][7][8] Entrance 8

[9][10][11][12] The path to walk through the rooms when the force field is: Red: Entrance-(8)-7-6-2-3-

Orange: (4)-8-12-11-

Yellow: (7)-11-12-8-

Green: (4)-8-12-11-7-6-10-

Blue: (9)-10-11-12-8-7-3-

Purple: (4)-3-7-11-10-9-5-Exit

If done correctly, the force shields will change to the next color when a room marked in brackets is entered. Points needed per level for maximum experience

Level Points

1 24000

2 21000

3 31500

4 39000

5 34000

6 51000

7 30000

8 7650

9 14000

10 12000

Unlimited points

When on level 3 when you have to go in the tank dont go in it just go up to the tank and hit your light sabre at the tank watch your points go higher the more you hit suggestion is to use plo kloon and use his power when he turns orange and go up to it they will go higher higher and higher.

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