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SpeedBuster: American Highways




Will give you unlimited nitro when entered at the

start or during the race notimelim


Will deactivate checkpoints in the arcade mode when

entered at the start or during the race. tagkiler


If the player is touched from behind by a competitor,

he/she will automatically return to the starting line.

Enter it at the start or during the race. choperview


Will replace the regular Small Map Display in the

left-hand bottom corner with a chopper-cam view

gameTip 1


Don't waste money on the radar detector. One run-through

of each track is enough to memorize the positions of the

speed traps. gameTip 2


The road map option is very helpful. It will give you

much-needed warnings of corners and help you stay on

course should you get lost in the terrain. gameTip 3


Don't overuse the nitro. Although it is tempting to lean

on it when you need to catch up after a crash, in most

cases it just sets you up for an even worse crash as you

ricochet off one obstruction after another like a high-

speed pinball.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal
Roll Roll Bounce Bounce
Billiard Master
Demon's Souls


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ound directory to hear a hidden rap song from Grendel. No more Grendels Don't want Grendels? here is what you do. Take two grendel eggs and throw them in the the pirhana pit( press green button at the end of the grendel home) See, the game only allows two grendels to live in the spaceship at a time, and if there are two grendels eggs in the pirhana pit, The mother grendel thinks there are two grendels walking around. Also unlike every other living thing when dropped in the pirhana pit is devoured by the pirhanas, the pirhanas never touch the eggs. P.S the pirhana cage is at the very bottom right of the grendel home and the grendel eggs appear very close to the pirhana cage (right where this yellowish orange hole is.) You can also do this with ettins. Guaranteed to work if done correctly. Oh, and I had about 16 norns alive and there were still only two grendel eggs that were laid. far as I know those grendel eggs are still there:) [send by:Lona] Cheats Press any of these keys to enable the cheat or option. Enabling Cheat Keys may be necessary in the CAOS Command. Code - Effect: Shift + Home - debug shortcut:Cycle through display resolutions Shift + Space --debug shortcut:Force a tick even when debug paused Shift + Page Down - debug shortcut:Move to next Metaroom Shift + Page Up - debug shortcut:Move to previous Metaroom Shift + Pause - debug shortcut:Perform debug pause. No ticking events sent. Shift + Insert - debug shortcut:Toggles map line display Shift + Delete - debug shortcut:Toggles object of attention box Shift + End - debug shortcut:Toggles skeleton update speed (normal/double) Ctrl+Shift+F - Disable AutoKill Ctrl+Shift+F - In Wolfing Run Mode, enable's fast ticks (Time goes faster) Alt+Shift+Enter - Toggle between windowed and fullscreen Ctrl+Shift+W -Wolfing Run Mode

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive
RSE - Able to sneak behind enemies POWERMAN - New Weapon SHOW ME ALL - Show all objects SCHNEIDER - End current level (crashes the game when Mia is not in your team) JACKAL - Ammunition (crashes the game when Doc is not in your team) HOLLOW MAN - Toggle invisibility ZEUS - Toggle help from the Gods (click the flashlight and point it at the enemy) CLINT - Win mission SUPERSONIC - Toggle noise display (White circles: Noises, Black circles: Noises that cannot be heard)

Icy Tower
he 'rejump' option to YES & the 'ice candy' option to NO. If you want any further help for game or related sites you may Move faster: Press [Tab] while running. Move slower: Press [F1] while running. Easy floors: Create a copy of the game file "tower.cfg" into the game folder and rename the file to " Press [Up] during game play and you will go up.