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One Piece Grand Battle 2


Alternate costumes:

Successfully complete event battle mode with a character to unlock their alternate costume in event battle and versus battle modes. Press R1 + Circle; L1 + Circle; or L1 + R1 + Circle at the selection screen to choose a new costume. Note: Not all character s have alternate costumes.

Play as Ace:

Unlock all other character s and use them to complete event battle mode more than ten times. Then select event battle mode again under the hardest difficulty setting. Play as Smoker and defeat Ace when he appears.

Play as Alvida:

After Crocodile is unlocked, select event battle mode as Tashigi. Then, defeat Alvida in the final battle.

Play as Arlong:

Select event battle mode as Crocodile. Then, defeat Arlong in the final battle.

Play as Buggy:

After Crocodile is unlocked, select event battle mode as Smoker. Then, defeat Buggy in the final battle.

Play as Ka-ru:

Select event battle mode as any character under the normal difficulty setting. Reach the fifth battle without using any continues to fight Ka-ru. Defeat Ka-ru to unlock him as a playable character.

Play as Kreig:

After Crocodile is unlocked, select event battle mode as Mr. 3. Then, defeat Kreig in the final battle.

Play as Kuro:

After Crocodile is unlocked, select event battle mode as Waporu. Then, defeat Kuro in the final battle.

Play as Mihawk:

After Alvida, Kreig, Kuro, Buggy, Arlong, and Pandaman are unlocked, select event battle mode as Zoro. Then, defeat Mihawk in the final battle.

Play as Pandaman:

After Crocodile is unlocked, select event battle mode as Mr. 2 Bon Clay. Then, defeat Pandaman in the final battle.

Play as Shanks:

After Crocodile, Alvida, Kreig, Kuro, Buggy, Arlong, and Pandaman are unlocked, select event battle mode as Luffy. Then, defeat Shanks at final battle.

Event Battle Statistics:

Complete all of the characters' attacks in training mode. You can now view that person's statistics in event mode. Enter the "Character Biography" screen, then choose the third section and go to the second screen. The first number indicates the amount of times event mode has been completed by that person. The second number indicates the number of battles in event mode fought by that person.

FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98
Mario Game: Bowser Blast
Mario Game: Yoshi's Island Beta
SilkWood Spring


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MLB 2003
e begins to throw. Do the same when going to third base. You will be safe about 70 percent of the time to second base and 80 percent to third base. Recommended team: Go to "Trade Player". Then, trade your starting pitchers for Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Greg Maddux,and Tom Glavine. Keep most of the relievers and trade one for John Rocker. Then, trade the closer for Rod Beck or Antonio Alfonseca. Trade the infield for 1B Mark McGuire, 2B Roberto Alomar, SS Derek Jeter, 3B Chipper Jones. Trade the Catcher for Ivan Rodriguez, DH for Matt Stairs, and OF for Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr., and Barry Bonds. Super player: Enter Scott Murray as a player name at the player creation screen. He can hit 606 ft. homeruns. Enter Kelly Flock as a player name at the player creation screen. He will hit a humerun every time you hit it with power. Better curve ball: Hold Triangle while the pitcher is throwing the ball and it will drop farther. Throw a pitch faster: Hold X the entire time that you throw any pitch. To make pitchers throw harder, hold X after you select your pitch. Some pitchers can throw up to 102 mph. Note: This also makes pitchers fatigue faster. Perfect catcher: Enter any name for a catcher and set his fielding, run, power, and batting average to 99. Leave everything else at 40.

Hidden and Dangerous
rs Invincible debugdrawwire - Wireframe Mode enemyf - Cycle Through All Enemies (In Front Of You) enemyb - Cycle Through All Enemies (Behind You) funnyhead - Big Head Mode gamefail - Instant Mission Failure Without Saving goodhealth - Full Health (All Soldiers) iwillcheat - Activate Cheat Mode killthemall - Kill All missionover - Instant Mission Completion Without Saving openalldoor - Opens All Doors (Current Mission) playercoords - Display Player Coordinates resurrection - Resurrect Fallen Comrades showtheend - Skip To End Sequence

Zero Divide
l appear. Phalanx invulnerability: At the Options screen, highlight the 'Speed' option and press Left+Up+L2+R2+Triangle at the same time; the background screen should turn red to confirm. Computer vs. Computer: At the Title Screen, press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2. While holding those buttons, press Down+Start to enter the 'Vs. Play' option. Pick any fighters and the computer will fight itself. Color selection: Beat the game to enable the color selection. To choose a different color, hold Select and press any attack button. Comics!: Beat the game in Easy mode without Continuing or losing a round. Now highlight 'Option' at the Title Screen, and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+Select on controller 2. Voila! A comic strip!   To Play The Hidden Game In Zero Divide: Press Select+Start During Loading The Game, On The 2.Pad. Enter The Bonus Game (Tiny Phalanx) And Make An Highscore Over 2.000.000 Pts. And Get An New Secret Character In Zero Divide. Play As Zulu: To Play As The Boss Zulu Simply Beat The Game With Every Character. The Easiest Way To Do This Is To Set The Difficulty To Easy And The Timer On 30, Hit The Enemy Once, And Run Away Until The Clock Runs Out. After Beating The Game With Each Character, Youll Hear Xtal Say "Wow!" You Can Now Play As Zulu, A Character Very Similar To Zero. Oh Don`t Forget To Save Your Accomplishment To The Memory Card. Multiple Colors: To Select Multiple Colors For Any Character, Beat The Game. Now Hold Down Select In Combination With Direction On The Pad And Any Of The Eight Buttons To Select A Total Of 16 Colors Per Character! Pictured Below Is A Mere Eight Of Zeros Palette. Eight Of The Sixteen Choies After The Entire Body Model Of The Character, Not Just The Color Experiement. L=Left R=Right U=Up D=Down C=Circle X=x-Taste O=o-Taste Q=Quarter-Taste T=Triangle-Taste r1=r1-Taste r2=r2-Taste l1=l1-Taste l2=l2-Taste Zero 1: X X X R+X 3: When Close R+X 1: X X O 3: BCU+O 1: X X X R+O 3: When Close O 1: X X D+X R+X 3: When Close L+O 1: X O 3: L F O 1: X U X 3: F F X 1: X D X 3: R R O 1: O O 3: D R X 2: X X O D R X 4: Q+X 2: X X X R+X D R X 4: L R R Q+X 2: X X D+X R+X D R X 4: In Jump Q+X 2: R R X R+O 5: D+O 3: R+X+O 5: U+X 3: R+O 5: (Hold U) X Cygnus 1: X X X 3: R R X 1: R R X X X 3: DCR+X 1: X O 3: DCR+O 1: O O 3: R+O 1: DCR O O 3: L L O 1: D D D (X+O) 3: ??? 2: L+X DCR+X 3: U+X 2: L+X DCR+O O 3: UCR+Q 2: D D D (X+ 2X) L+X 3: L R X+O 2: D D D (X+ 2X) DCR+X 3: D L X+O 2: D D D (X+ 2X) DCR+OO 3: D D D X+O 2: D D D (X+ 3X) L+X 4: Q+X 2: D D D (X+ 3X) DCR+X 4: In Jump Q+X 2: D D D (X+ 3X) DCR+OO 5: D+X 2: D D D (X+ 1X) L+X 5: U+X 2: D D D (X+ 1X) DCR+X 5: (Hold U) X 2: D D D (X+ 1X) DCR+OO 6: D DCR Q+X 3: L+X xx Draco 1: X(HoldR)X(HoldR)X(HoldR)X(HoldD)O 2: R R X 1: R+X O X 2: U+X 1: X O 2: L DCR+X 1: R R O O 2: L R+X 2: R+X 2: L D R O 2: R R O 3: Q+X 2: R+O 3: DCR+X 2: DCR+O 4: D D D D D 2: U+O 4: D+X+O Tau 1: X X R+X R+X 4: L DCR+O 1: X X R+X O 4: R R X 1: X O 4: D D R+O 1: O L+O D+X X 4: R R O 1: O L+O D+X O 4: R D L O 1: O L+O R+O R+O 5: Q+X 2: L DCR+O R+X 5: L DCL D DCR X+O 2: L DCR+O R R O 6: D+O 2: R D L O D D R+O 6: U+X 3: R+X 6: (Hold U) X 3: DCR+X xx Wild3 1: X X O O 4: L D X 1: R+X X X 4: L R X 1: X O 4: DCR+O 2: R+X DCR+X 4: R+O 2: R+X R+O 4: L L R+X 2: DCR+X R R X 4: R L+X 2: DCR+X R+O 5: Q+X 3: R+X 5: D (Hold D)X+O 3: DCR+X 6: D+O 3: R R X 6: U+X 3: X+O 6: (Hold U) X 3: D R O 7: L Q+X 3: D R X Io 1: X X O O 3: L+O 1: X X X+O X+O 3: R+X 1: R R X X O 3: UCR+Q 1: R+X O O 3: R+O 1: X O 3: When Close O 1: DCR+O O 3: L R+O 2: R R X R R O 3: L D R+X 2: R R O L+O 4: Q+X 2: R R O DCR+O O 4: R R Q+O 3: D R X 4: When Close Q+X 3: R R X 5: D+X 3: R R O 5: U+X 3: X+O 5: (Hold U) X 3: DCR+O 5: L+Q Eos 1: L+X R X 3: DCR+X 1: R+X D+X 3: D R O 1: R R R X X 4: Q+X 1: X O 4: L+Q+X 2: D R O DCR+X 4: R R DCR+O 3: R R X 4: When Close Q+O 3: R R O 4: D+X+O 3: D DCR X 5: D+X 3: DCR+O 5: U+X 3: R R R X 5: (Hold U) X 3: R R X+O 5: D DCR Q+X 3: R+X 5: L Q+X 3: L+X 5: L+Q Nereid 1: X X R+X X 3: R+X+O 1: X X R+X L+X 3: X+O 1: R+X (Hold L)X (Hold )X (Hold )X 3: R D X+O 1: X O 3: L DCR+O 1: L+O R+O X X 3: ??? 2: X+O+Q R+X 3: ??? 2: X+O+Q L+O 3: L+X 2: R R X R+X 4: Q+X 3: DCR+X 4: ??? 3: R+X 5: D+O 3: R R X 5: U+X 3: L+O 5: (HOLD U) X 3: D+O 5: X+O+Q Zulu 1: X X R+X R+X 3: L+O 1: R R R X X 3: D+O 1: O O 3: DCL+O 1: D+O O 3: DCR+O 1: DCL+O O 3: UCR+Q 1: DCR+O O 4: Q+X 2: R+X 4: L R R Q+X 2: R R R X 4: Q+X 2: R+O 5: D+X 2: R R X 5: U+X 2: R R O 5: (Hold U) X 2: D R X 5: D DCR Q+X 2: L+X 5: L Q+X 2: R R X+O xx

Formula one 2000
t Australia: Note: This trick only works with flags off. Take the grass inside turn 1. Take the inside blacktop in turn 2 and the inside area in turn 4. Go inside the curbs in turn 5 and take the pit entrance until you get to the font straight. This will cut about five seconds off your time per lap. Easy Points: In season mode go to qualifying. After you have crossed the start line, end qualifying. A screen will appear saying start race or edit grid, say edit grid and move your driver from the back all of the way to the front. Don't forget to put all of the good racers at the back to make sure they dont win. (NOTE: You still have to do the race, you just start at the front which makes it easier)