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M.I.A - Missing in Action


There are several ways to activate cheat mode in MIA. The

first set of cheats can be activated by hitting the <F1>

key on your keyboard while in the mission room, and then

entering one of the following codes:

To gain access to all of the missions, type in mia level.

To get all of the available medals, type in mia medal full.

While playing a misson, click the <F1> key, and then type

in mia complete to complete a mission instantly, or mia dog

to make yourself invulnerable to enemy attack.

If you click on the dog tags while in the mission room, you

can then type in mia cheats to activate all the cheats at once. HINTS:

Some missions in MIA are really tough, even when playing on

"rookie" difficulty.

Here's some tips to help you survive your tour of duty: 1. Use your altitude to avoid fire.

2.When you're firing on moving objects, try 'leading' the target

by firing at where it'll be when your shot reaches the floor.

3.Fly high to give yourself more time to react to incoming fire.

4.If a target is close to you, sometimes it's quicker to drop down

rather than pulling back to line up your guns on it.

5.When avoiding tank fire, try and feel the rhythm of its fire and

move accordingly.

6.Save your rockets and missiles for heavy targets such as tanks.

7.Explosive weapons have a blast radius, so use them for blowing

up VC camps to conserve ammo.

8.In escort missions, get yourself between your escortee and any

aggressors, they'll always fire on the closest target.

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