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Pharoah Expansion: Cleopatra

Cheat mode:

Press [Ctrl] + [Al + C to display the cheat menu. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code

Pack of tomb robbers looking for burial provisions appear - Jail Break

Hailstorm pelts your city - Hail to the Chief

Swarms of locusts eat every crop in sight - Crop Busters

Plague of frogs descends upon city - Amphibious Assault

Pyramids built at quicker pace - Ancient Astronauts

Life-giving river turns to blood - Crimson Tide

Mummies appear from monuments and attack city - Mummys Revenge

Black hippos appear - Hippo Stomp

Black hippos begin to dance - Side Show

1000 additional Deben - Treasure Chest

Win scenario - Pharaohs Tomb

Raise your kingdom rating - Sun Disk

Lower your kingdom rating - Mesektet

Certain top ranking houses are destroyed - Cat Fight

Throw a festival for all deities worshipped in the city - Meow

Create a plague - Cat Nip

Ptah destroys a storage yard - Grenow

Ptah destroys a craft-making place - Big Dave

Water attack by enemy - mockattack2

Land attack by enemy - mockattack1

Seth makes a vow - Typhonian Relief

Bast creates plague in city - Kitty Litter

Better harvest - Bounty

All craft shops fully stocked - Noble Djed

Increased crafts in storage yards - Supreme Craftsman

Seth destroys all ships (Seth must be worshipped) - Fury of Seth

Seth will destroy next invaders (Seth must be worshipped) - Spirit of Typhon

Destroy city's best company and their fort (Seth must be worshipped) - Seth Strikes

Trade partners trade less for a year (Ra must be worshipped) - Bird of Prey

Export amount increased by 50% for a year (Ra must be worshipped) - Pharaohs Glory

Farms on flood plain destroyed in next flood (Osiris must be worshipped) - Underworld

Next inundation worse than expected (Osiris must be worshipped) - Mummys Curse

Farms on flood plain will harvest double after next flood (Osiris must be worshipped) - Life from Death

Unknown - framecounter

Cat Nip

Fills bazars and houses with food (does not create plague) Ctrl+Alt+C then type "Cat Nip" (without the "") and press enter. If you worship Osiris it will fill the bazars and houses (every single little one) full to the bursting point with food!!!! (Most useful code in my opinion, other than "Treasure Chest"!!!)

submitted by: Sib

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