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Marvel Super Heroes: War Of The Gems


Status Password

Boston Aquarium - WW614 LA3L8

Alaska - Q381L LA49H

Dr. Doom's Castle - X38RL LA527

Amazon - VPJBL LA4V8

Arizona Mining Complex - X7LFL LA4K8

Asteroid Belt - XLQFL LA49V

Mt. Vesuvius - R3RGL LA562


Ninja Flu
Need For Speed: Shift
The Sims 3: World Adventures Trailer


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Rock N Roll Racing
. Then, hold A, B, X, or Y to re-enable Larry on the same screen. Hold that button and press L or R to hear different quotations from Larry. $999,999 as Snake: Enter 989Y C02V WS6M for $999,999 at the Veteran difficulty level. Enter J89! CO2V WS6M for $999,999 at the Warrior difficulty level. Play as Super Racer: Enter 4HFT C0P0 5TJ! As a password. Glitch password: Enter 43G1 XYPZ 9WMB as a password to play with various glitches in the game. Other passwords with various effects are GPQX XYSK 5WJ!, R4D0 RQN7 1WJ!, ZC7X XYNH SWJ!, 836N XYPZ 4S4B, 22KN XYNK JTMB, 16ZX XYNQ DWMB, 8CQX XYLR NWJ!. Warrior difficulty passwords: Planet Division B Password Division A Password Chem VI XB48 RSFW 0S6M 5CR8 RLCW 0S6S Drakonis RKBR !8F5 SWJ! HZLR 1MC5 SWJ! Bogmire RNDQ MQFD SWJ! GBJQ 7SCD SWJ! New Mojave R1LQ 2MFN SWJ! DHQT S6CN SWJ! Nho MFBR R8DX SWJ! VQY8 !RBV 5TJ! Inferno 48F8 20D3 5TJ! XBF7 MHB3 5TJ! Rookie level with a yellow Havac fully stocked: Character Password Snake Sanders RV2H RS21 5WJ! Cyberhawk 8V2H RSY1 5WJ! Ivanzypher RV20 RS!1 5WJ! Katarina Lyons 8V20 RS61 5WJ! Jake Badlands RV1H RSK1 5WJ! Tarquinn 8V1H RSF1 5WJ! Olaf RV10 RST1 5WJ! Mystery Hero 8V10 RSP1 5WJ! Veteran level with a yellow Havac fully stocked: Character Password Snake Sanders HV2C RS21 5WJ! Cyberhawk 0V2C RSY1 5WJ! Ivanzypher HV2W RS!1 5WJ! Katarina Lyons 0V2W RS61 5WJ! Jake Badlands HV1C RSK1 5WJ! Tarquinn 0V1C RSF1 5WJ! Olaf HV1W RST1 5WJ! Mystery Hero 0V1W RSP1 5WJ! Warrior level with a yellow Havac fully stocked: Character Password Snake Sanders 8V2R RS21 5WJ! Cyberhawk RV2R RSY1 5WJ! Ivanzypher 8V28 RS!1 5WJ! Katarina Lyons RV28 RS61 5WJ! Jake Badlands 8V1R RSK1 5WJ! Tarquinn RV1R RSF1 5WJ! Olaf 8V18 RST1 5WJ! Mystery Hero RV18 RSP1 5WJ! has written a password generator for the game in QBasic. Note: This is the source code, the QBasic compiler must be used to run the program.

Super Ninja Boy
imation sequences with text. Messenger mode: Enter TZ as a password to view the text without the animation sequences. Super password: Enter KR as a password to start with Moo with 100 medals, good equipment, Big Bot, the submarine, and more extras. Alternatively, enter KR!STEN as a password. Extra items: Obtain a password from the game. Enter the first six characters of that password and drop the rest. More items may appear from time to time. Mystery Land: Enter the following password to start at Mystery Land: GS-9H9 B9YVGT HRCTPT ;NPGXW (or N) QKTHPM P!(Triangle)HD

and press Up, X, Right, A, Down, B, Left, Y, Start. This will restore your character's health.