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Daredevil: The Man Without Fear


All secrets

Enter "41TK1S6ZNGV" or "M927ZN298JD" as a password.

Level Password (Note: "[DD]" indicates the Daredevil head icon)

Rooftop Rumble - Y[DD]PSC[DD][DD]K[DD][DD]4

This Traffic Is Murder - F[DD]FNK[DD]TKFKH

No Way To Treat A Lady - CCKMC[DD]R[DD]B[DD]P

A Question Of Honor - 0CKN[DD][DD]4[DD][DD]KR

Fighting With Shadows - WCP7D[DD]CDGKM

Over Troubled Waters - H[DD][DD]7LBK5[DD][DD]D

Master Of The Hand - 4[DD][DD]3NB23GKL

Descent Into Madness - MCP3NBY5B[DD]L

Into The Savage Sewers - MCF2J[DD]K5ZKD

Battle Below Ground - RCK6JB4VW[DD]L

The King Commands - RCK2QBRVXKB

Wrong Side Of The Tracks - RL[DD]7S[DD]RXHKM

Out Of The Darkness - MNF39[DD]MVJKN

No Return Ticket - 4LTPZBP5R[DD]K

Switchback - RST21BK3SKK

Like Looking In A Mirror - RQYQZCPV8[DD]M

Bad for Business - 4QYQ7CK39KC

Long Hard Climb - 4S2PZC459B[DD]

Building Tension - 47T77D435L[DD]

My Aim is True - MZY2ZRR5NBK

All That Money Can Buy - 8ZY7ZRMXML[DD]

Final Showdown - MZ231S6XSGN

Starcraft 2 Map - (4) MCP-016 [ MarSara ]
Frets on Fire
Sims3 - child suede boots
Mario Game: Super Peach Dreams
From The Abyss


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Mario Pinball Land
s. Collecting blue coins: To get blue coins, you must do a combo. This means defeating two or more enemies between Mario hitting the flippers (hit + kill 2 enemies + hit =1 blue coin on the board). Bosses Use the following steps to reach the corresponding Boss. The Plant: Go inside the windmill on the first level. The Fish: Go on the ice level. Go into the second door and you will see an iceberg. Knock it straight up to create a hole. Go inside and there should be a ship. To open it, open the three treasure chests. The Sphinx: Go through the second door on the sand level. When u go through, you will see the top of a pyramid. Hit the lions on both sides to make it appear. Go inside, and there will be three switches. The one to both left and right will have arrows. Hit which ever one desired. Either hole will appear. Go inside and you should see two switches again. Look for the arrows. If done correctly, you will get to that Boss. Big Boo: On the starting screen of where the fair is located, you will see a house with closed doors. Get one star to enter it. Inside, there is a door. You will need 10 stars to get into it and reach Big Boo. Bowser: For each Boss that you defeat, you will get a key. Deliver the four keys to the mountain to enter it. You will need fifteen stars to get to him.

Battlebots: Beyond The Battlebox
Attack your enemy head on with them to gain high aggression points. Rapidly use the hammers and you may destroy the other bot. Also, by using a hammer and your bot gets flipped, you will easily be able to flip it back over on to its wheels.

Namco Museum
llets and after about 2-3 minutes you'll notice that they only shoot 1 bullet each. Keep waiting. After about 5-7 minutes, they will stop shooting at you altogether. Let them come down the screen at least 10 times in a row without shooting at you. Kill them. That's it, if you waited long enough, no enemy will shoot at you for the rest of the game. Dig Dug Pump faster Go towards an enemy and continuously press A.