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Tekken 2

 Alternative Colors This code works with all of the characters. To choose a different uniform for your character highlight the character you want and press the button at the top right.... Read More

Fatal Fury 3

 Little Fighters This trick works only in versus mode; after selecting the two fighters hold B + C on both controllers through the "Now Loading" screen until the match starts. This must be done for each fight.... Read More

Street Fighter EX2

 Random Character To play as a different person in each match, go to the character selection screen and highlight the question mark. Then push Start and one of the attack buttons. Play as Kairi and Shadowgeist! Player's Code - the total of each entry in the Score Ranking should be equal or more than 500,000 points (one character per entry so all characters must be in the ranking with 500,000 points each) Operator's Code - turn on the machine and go to Test Mode (similar to a PC's CMOS BIOS setup containing options for monitor settings, microswitch diagnostics...), go to the Color Menu, and input the following button sequence using the Player1 (P1) buttons (assuming the default settings for button strengths are enabled): Fierce Punch (HP) -> Jab Punch (LP) -> Short Kick (LK) -> Roundhouse Kick (HK) -> Strong Punch (MP) -> Jab Punch (LP) -> Short Kick (LK) -> Forward Kick (MK) -> Short Kick (LK) -> Forward Kick (MK) -> Strong Punch (MP) -> Jab Punch (LP) -> Roundhouse Kick (HK) -> Forward... Read More

Tokyo Wars

 Extra Time Press the right and left pedal simultaneously 50 times, then turn the steering wheel LEFT and RIGHT.... Read More

Battle Garrega

 Harder Mode: At the Title Screen, press B, Start. Special Mode (Hard + Second Round): At the Title Screen, press A, B, C, Start. Bonus Plans: At the Title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right A, B, C, Start. Extended Mode (Second Round): At the Title Screen, press A, Start... Read More

Sega Bass Fishing

 Play as a Woman Pull the lever down and press the yellow and the red buttons simultaneouly. Now choose your bait and you will soon see that you are playing as a woman instead of a man. This code will last for the current area.... Read More

Sega Rally Championship

 Faster Car To get a super fast version of your car, run through the gears from 1st to 4th (ie, 1st then 2nd then 3rd and 4th in that order), in the car selection screen. You should hear a whoosh sound if you are successful. You can now press the accelerator on the car of your choise. Practice Lakeside Track To practice the fourth track, "Lakeside", which is not usually avalible unless you place first in the championship, do the following: In the course select screen, hold down the brake pedal, turn and hold your steering wheel to the right to highlight "Mountain" (but do not select it), now run through the gears as follows, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd. (You have to go back into neutral before hitting 3rd gear the second time.) If successful you should hear a whoosh sound. Do not select Mountain, wait for the timer to run down and select itself.... Read More

Initial D: Arcade Stage

 Unlock Bunta's Impreza Car This car is a hidden car so it cannot be selectable from the car selection screen. However, you can unlock it with a code. You can unlock Bunta's car in versions 2 and 3 only. Version 2: When purchasing a new card or starting a new game, you'll go to the car selection screen. At the car selection screen, highlight "Subaru," hold down the brake pedel, and enter in "Shift Down X2, Shift Up X2, Shift Down, Shift Up, Shift Down, Shift Up." After that, press the View Change button and you'll unlock Bunta's Impreza under "Subaru." Version 3: When purchasing a new card or starting a new game, you'll go to the car selection screen. At the car selection screen, highlight "Subaru," hold down the brake pedel, and enter in "Shift Up X6 and Shift Down X2." After that, press the View Change button and you'll unlock Bunta's Impreza under "Subaru." The parts of the car are the same as the Bunta model. You cannot change its parts or its color. Only power up is available. For ... Read More

Guitar Freaks

 High Speed Edition Press Pick (x2), Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Green (x2) at the mode select screen. Then choose Expert mode. (A cheering crowd confirms correct entry.) Speed Edition Press Red, Green, Blue, Pick (x2) at the mode select screen. Then choose Expert mode. (A cheering crowd confirms correct entry.) 2P Battle mode Press Pick, Green (x2), Pick at the mode select screen. (A cheering crowd confirms correct entry.) Hidden mode Press Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green at the mode select screen. (A cheering crowd confirms correct entry.)... Read More

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

 Play as Dan Move to Morrigan if your player one or to Felicia if your player 2. Then hold Start and press Down 13 times, then hit any other button. Play as Devilot Move to Morrigan if your player 1 or to Felicia if your player 2. Then hold the Start button and press Down 13 times. Wait for the clock to reach 10 seconds and hit any other button. Play as Akuma (Gouki) Move to Morrigan if your player 1 or to Felicia if you player 2. Then press L, D, L, D, L, D and hold L then press any button. Player 2 should press R,D,R,D,R,D and hold R then press any button.... Read More

Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

 Secret Opponent To find your secret opponent, start a new game and select any character. Next, perform five Super Finishes without losing a round. When you've performed your last Super Finish, the screen will say "Your Challenger Has Found You..." Good luck! Special Colors Pick the person that you want and press the medium punch and the hard punch at the same time. Fight Akuma To fight Akuma, get three perfects without losing a round. Akuma will appear after Gill. If you Super Finish him every round, he will return to life and you will fight him as Super Turbo Akuma. Play as Akuma To play as Akuma, perform the following steps. Start a new game Highlight Ryu and tap DOWN, DOWN, UP Highlight Ken and tap UP, UP, DOWN Highlight Ryu and tap UP Highlight Ken and tap DOWN Highlight Sean and tap DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, UP, UP Press any button when Akuma's box appears.... Read More

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

 Secret Character At the Character Select screen, highlight Andy, Billy, Mary, and Tung, then press and hold START and continue to hold it down for the rest of the code. While holding START, press B, B, C, C then hold B. Wait for one second, press and hold C. Wait for one more second while still holding START+B+C, then press A or D to select the character. Hidden Boss When playing in one-player mode,you can fight the hidden boss (Geese Howard) in a special "Nightmare" match if you do the following: You must not lose a single round. You cannot score a ranking of "C" or less in any battle. Your score must be 750,000 or more before the battle with Wolfgang Krauser.... Read More

Space Invaders Part 2

 Utilize Dead Aliens In Space Invaders Part 2, from level 2 on, a UFO will periodically fly across the top of the screen and replace invaders that you have already killed. While this is irritating, you can put the new aliens to good use. If you shoot an alien as it is being dropped from the UFO, but before it takes its place in the row, it will fall to the ground dead and act as another fort! It will absorb about 3-5 hits and can really save you on later levels.... Read More

Beatmania 4th Mix: Time to Get Down

 3 secret songs To play 3 secret songs: 1) insert coin 2) On the 2nd player keys press 1-4-3-5-2-4-1-5 (refer to key layout) 2 4 1 3 5 3) Press & hold the effector button, then press start... Read More

Virtua Fighter 2

 See Kage's Face Play as Kage and win 20 matches in a row. After the 20th match, every time Kage is knocked down, his mask will fall off. Slow Motion Replay After winning a round, hold all three buttons. The replay should now play in slow motion. NOTE: This trick may only be used once per play, so only use it when you get a really cool win.... Read More

Last Blade

 Time Attack At the main menu hold A+B+C+D then press START. Alternate Color Press START to choose your character instead of the usual button. Play as Musashi To access to Musashi, the sub-boss in the game, go to the player select screen and press 'C' 6 times, 'B' 3 times, then 'C' 4 times within 3 seconds. If you did this correctly you will see 2 arrows at the sides of the screen and Musashi will be available.... Read More

California Speed

 Golf Cart To drive the wickedly fast Golf Cart, use second View Select button at the vehicle selection screen to get to the back row. Then turn the steering wheel to select the car on the left. Mirrored Tracks At the track selection screen hold down all three view buttons. More Cars At the car selection screen press the 1st view button to move up through a line of cars and press the 2nd view to go back. See Release Date To see the release date for California Speed,hold down all view buttons and the radio and start buttons. Bonus Cars Set your transmission number to 1, then press RADIO in the car selection screen to change one car from each row into a different vehicle. Change Vehicle Color At the car select screen, press the third VIEW button. Fruit Attack If you get ahead of someone tap your gas pedal and the START button simultaneously to throw fruit at the driver behind you. This is pointless but fun.... Read More

San Francisco Rush: The Rock

 Extreme Car To choose the Extreme car without passing the game, move your steering wheel to it, then press ABORT. You can also change the car by pushing the VIEW buttons before you push ABORT. Mirrored Tracks Press all VIEW buttons simultaneously when choosing your track. No Drones At the vehicle selection screen, hold the MUSIC button, and press VIEW #1. Adjust Force Feedback At the car selection press MUSIC & VIEW 2 and this will increase or decrease the feedback each time you press them. Backwards Tracks While selecting a track to race on, press VIEW #1 to run the race in reverse.... Read More

Time Crisis 2

 Bonus Points There are many structures you can hit during the game to earn bonus points. Here are the following structures availible for bonus: Stage 1 Area 1: A) Gasoline tanker after shoot-out in restaurant. Either Robert or Keith may destroy it. Total bonus +10000 Stage 1 Area 2: A) When chasing the fleeing boss, shoot his hat off (shoot slightly above his head) four times to enter an alley before fighting the tank. This alley is filled with numerous bonus men. Stage 2 Area 1: A) Moving platform near train station. If shooting at the bottom shoot at platform at the bottom at the extreme top left. If shooting up at the 2nd floor, shoot thw connector. Total bonus, +10000 B) Barrels at the train station. Two are availible for destruction, but only one can be destroyed for a total of +5000 bonus. However, it is possible to hit both for a +10000 total bonus. To do this, shoot the right barrel twice and the left barrel three times. Afterwards, instantly point and shoot the right barrel fo... Read More

Sega Rally Championship 2

 Secret Course In the Riviera stage, after the last hairpin on the first lap, you'll see a row of cones before the next turn. Knock ALL of these over and continue on until you come around to the last hairpin again. Just after you pass it there will be a sharp left turn available, take it to find yourself in a Secret Points course. Bonus Cars When picking a car pull the E-brake and press the view button at the same time. The toyota celica and the lancia delta will now be selectable (the game counter must be above 1000 games played before the code will work).... Read More



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