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Rent A Hero No. 1

 Hidden artwork Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find images from the game in .BMP format. VMU mini-games Go to the following locations to unlock hidden mini-games on the VMU. Look in the box with monster costume in mother and father's room. Search the arcade machine in the back of the arcade in Ohtory.... Read More

Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2

 Launch into the air Note: This game is titled Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 in Japan. Enter the pit, reverse into the dugout wall. Accelerate just before you touch the wall to launch into the air.... Read More

Monaco Grand Prix

 Big Glitch If you go into the pit and back into the dugout wall and press acceloration right before you hit it, your car will be launched. Tips If you want to go fast with this game, you must first learn how to go slow. Forget any Dukes of Hazzard driving techniques that you may have picked up with other arcade racing titles, because an itchy gas or brake finger will get you into serious trouble here. When approaching a corner, establish how deeply you can dive in without locking up the brakes, and then get on the binders firmly and consistently at that same spot every time around. When exiting the turn, squeeze on the throttle gently from the apex onward and pay close attention to any wheelspin you may be generating. Powersliding out of a turn may feel fast, but it will only end up costing you valuable speed on the ensuing straightaway. Feel free to turn Traction Control on at the configuration menu without sacrificing too much realism. The simulation overdoes it a little with its whe... Read More

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 6: Awakening Of The Dragon

 227-The Officers List Objective: Take Changan, Luoyang, and Chengdu (you must have six other cities as well). Capture and kill Cao Rui. You will lose if Zhuge Liang dies or if Chengdu is lost. This should take five months. On the first turn, go to HR/Job/Rank and give highest ranks to Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, Zhang Bao, Chen Dao, and Guan Xing. Changan is your first target. Draft Hillmen in Hanzhong, Zitong and Wudu. Move Zhao Yun (with all the draftees), along with Zhang Bao (with some of the draftees) to Hanzhong. Next month, have a massive attack using all soldiers in Hanzhong under Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, Zhang Bao, and Guan Xing. Maximize soldier allocation and attack. (Leave unit with least soldiers to defend supply camp.) At Changan you will be counterattacked by Zhong Yao (160 soldiers) and Chen Qun (200 soldiers). Quickly draw Guan Xing to divert Zhong Yao from the supply camp, then just have the three remaining attackers all attack Cao Zhen. After that, attack the city, break down the n... Read More

Skies Of Arcadia

 Hidden artwork Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and open the "master01.bmp" file. Hidden audio While the game was in development, the game programmers wanted to implement speech. However in the final version, the speech was not included. The speech was only in the battle system. Use the following steps to hear the voices that they were going to use. Turn on the Dreamcast with no disc. When the system screen shows up, go to CD player. While at the screen with the CD Player controls, insert either game disc. When the disc is loaded in the CD player, the Skies of Arcadia CD will appear. Select "Play" to hear the hidden audio. Secret Aika FMV sequence Begin a game and pass the part with Alfonso's ship, then return to your island. Get out of the underground base of Pirate Isle. Aika will say that she needs to freshen up a bit. Go to her house, then face towards the door. Go all the way to the left left until you see a clothesline. In that one corner yo... Read More


 Misspelled names: The names of players not in the NHL that are on international teams are misspelled. For example, go to "Roster" and select "Finland". "Antti Eeltu" should be "Antti Aalto". It is possible that Sega did not have a license from the other leagues or the Olympics to use their real names. Note: Only vowels are changed. Easy goals: Pass the puck to a fast shooter and check which hand he is using. If he is right-handed, go to the right side of the rink and vice versa. Then, go around the net and immediately when you get to the edge of the post quickly tap X. If done correctly, the puck should go straight through the goalie's legs almost every time. Note: This may take some practice. Also, it is more difficult to perform at the higher skill level. Play against Carolina with Irbe in net or create a bad goaltender and it will be easy to score on him from far away. Best fighters: The best fighters are Rob Ray of the Buffalo Sabres and Zdeno Chara of the Senators. Better celebrat... Read More

Aero Dancing: Dancing Special

 Fly a dolphin Complete all nine Sky Mission Attack levels. Fly a buggy Complete all nine Sky Mission Attack levels. Full pause screen Pause the game and press X + Y.... Read More

Biohazard 3: Last Escape

 Ada Wong A woman looks at herself in the mirror. She used to be called Ada Wong... But this morning she will say good-bye to the name. I'm not Ada Wong anymore... She feels her ab and thinks, This is Ada's scar, not mine. And as she says good-bye to Ada Wong, she can't stop her tears. However, there isn't much time left before her next mission... August 13th Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What's with him? He seldom talks to the other police members and is constantly irritated. The other day, he punched Elran of the Boy's Crime department just for accidentally splashing Chris's face with coffee. I immediately stopped Chris, but when he saw me he just gave me a wink and walked away. I wonder what happened to him... August 15th Midnight. Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a vacation, called me so I visited his apartment. As soon as I walked into his room, he showed me a couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus research report entitled as simply as... Read More

Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare

 Skip Hit the action key to skip sequences during the game. Skip FMV sequences Hold L + R and press A.... Read More

Super Runabout

 Cheat mode Enter "Elvis!!!" as a license entry to unlock all cars and levels. Free Roam Go to the Free Run mode in the garage or do mission S2 in Scenario A. Note: When you're free roaming in Scenario A Do not take all pictures or you'll get the time lim it to go back to garage. Unlocking Emblems Some emblems can be lock in easy mode but most of them are unlocked in normal or hard mode. Scenario A Emblem 1: IMC: Fiat 600: Complete Mission 1 Emblem 2: SST: Dodge Ram: Complete Mission 2 Emblem 3: Mission S1: Complete Mission 2 with all 4 hot dogs in normal or hard mode. Emblem 4: ES GT: Peugeot 406: Complete Mission 3 Emblem 5: F16: Complete Mission 3 with $0 damage. Emblem 6: XSR: Honda/Acura NSX: Complete Mission 4 Emblem 7: Mission S2: Complete Mission 4 under 2 minutes in normal or hard mode. Emblem 8: ATV: Hummer H1: Complete Mission 5 Emblem 9: TANK: Complete Mission 6 with $30,000,000 damage. Emblem 10: RSP: Complete Mission S1 Emblem 11: BUS: Complete Mission S1 with $0 damage Sc... Read More

Speed Devils 2

 Hollywood track After going under the T-Rex's legs in the road, keep straight, hit the jump, then turn left and you will be back on course. Note: You could miss the jump and fall in water. Nevada track On the first turn you will see a dirt road. Take it you will not have to go around the bend. Alpine track Shortcuts When you are about 50% through the lap, you will see pine trees to the left and a hill straight ahead. Instead of going up the hill, turn left and go through the trees to enter a cave. When you get out of the cave, do not turn left on the road. Keep driving straight and you will be in another shortcut -- make sure you do not fall in the lake, or you will restart on the road. At the end of the lap, you will enter the city. Before you go past the front lift where the rocks are, turn directly left and you will be on a shortcut. Note: It only appears at certain times. Aspen Winter track During the race you will go around a bend, and to the left you will see a frozen lake. Turn ... Read More

Virtua Fighter 3tb

 Fight against Alphabet character At the character selection screen, highlight Akira and press Start. Then, highlight Lau and press Start. Finally, highlight Pai and press X. Play as Alphabet character At the character selection screen, highlight Akira and press Start. Then, highlight Lion and press Start. Finally, highlight Pai and press X. Play as Silver Dural At the character selection screen in training mode, press Start + Y + A. Play as Gold Dural At the character selection screen in training mode, press Start + X + A. Slow motion replay Press B before the instant replay begins. Faster replay Hold X + Start during the instant replay. Submitted By Thebomb Arcade Backgrounds Select Team Battle, Normal, or Training Mode.Then intentionally allow the timer to reach "0" on the stage selection screen. And you will have Arcade background.... Read More

Redline Racer

 Bonus motorcycles Complete GP mode with each ranking to unlock bonus motor cycles. Hidden images Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find more images from the game.... Read More

Urban Chaos

 Hidden artwork Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and enter the "Folder Padding 1" folder. Extract the files in the .ZIP file in the folder to find screenshots from the game.... Read More

Street fighter zero 3

 Tougher World Tour Score more than 3,000,000 points in WorldTour mode. After the final battles against Juli/Juni and Shin Vega, you'll get to "GOKUENTOU" island where you'll face your toughest battles yet! Good luck! Final Battle Vs. Shin Gouki Select final battle, and go through what you would normally do as you were fighting Vega. Right after the 'select speed' screen press and hold all buttons (excluding start button) Gouki's portrait should appear and you'll now fight against him. Play As Super Vega At the character selection screen, put the cursor on Vega, press and hold the START button, then press A, B, L, R, X or Y to select 'Super' Vega. This changes his pre-battle pose, and it adds an enormous aura around your hard punch, and most importantly, it gives you the Super Psycho Crusher. However, you cannot select a fighting style, and Super Vega is only available in the Arcade, VS and Training Modes. Super Gouki To use 'Super' Gouki, highlight Gouki, then press and HOLD ... Read More

Max Steel

 Cheat Codes At the Title Screen, hold Start and press Y, A, B(x2), Y, A, X, B, X, B to enable cheat mode. When cheat mode is enabled you can bring up a Level Select screen by pressing X. Cheat mode also enables the other codes as bellow: Level skip during gameplay, hold L + Start + Y. Invincibility during gameplay, hold L + Start + X. All inventory, weapons, health, ammunition during gameplay, hold L + Start + A.... Read More

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000

 Cool Intros If you start your matches with these fighters Vs any of these oppents/rivals you'll be sure to get an extra special intro... Iori Vs Bison Rock Vs Geese Ken Vs Ryu Hibiki Vs Rolento Chun-Li Vs Yamazaki Sakura Vs Yuri Terry Vs Ken Kyo Vs Iori Ryu Vs Kyo Terry Vs Geese Bison Vs Geese Ryu Vs Sagat Ryo Vs Yuri Zangief Vs Raiden Guile Vs Rugal submitted by: Shadeed EX characters Successfully complete arcade mode with a character to unlock their EX (Extra) form in the secret shop. The "EX" form is the exact same character with new, different, or slightly altered moves. To use a characters "EX" form (after purchasing it in the secret shop) go to the character selection screen. While choosing your characters, hold Start to switch from the "Normal" to the "EX" character. While still holding Start, press A, B, X, or Y to choose that character. Play as "Evil" Ryu and "Evil" Iori Successfully complete both the Capcom and SNK grooves in arcade mode with "Normal" Ryu and "Normal" Iori. S... Read More


 Bonus Stage If you go through all of the gates in any of the courses you will earn a bonus stage! Here you will be timed to go through all of the money gates you can !... Read More

Plasma Sword

 Note! This title is also known as Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare Of Blisten Be Kaede: First highlight Rain on the character select screen then press Down, Down, Left, Left, Up. Be Rai-On: First highlight Byakko on the character select screen then press Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Left, Up. Be Evil Gamof: First highlight Gamof on the character select screen then press and hold Start + A. Automatically Selectable Kaede: Though I'm not sure what triggers her appearance, if Kaede shows up in one of the random matches (that is, not five, eight or 'nine') and you defeat her, she automatically appears on the roster of selectable characters from then on. So be sure to save the game! Fun with Gore: Select Gore as a character and configure the controller layout to have your taunt on. You can make Gore's head grow by pressing the corresponding button. Roll the D-pad back and forth while pressing the Taunt and he will shrink down and remain that size until the move is repeated.... Read More

90 Minutes

 European All-Stars Win the European Club Cup. European Club Cup Finish in at least second place in any domestic league. U.K. Legends Win the English league. World All-Stars Win the World Championship Cup. World Champions Cup Win the finals in European Club Cup.... Read More



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