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 Chapter --Password 05 -------Heart, Skull, Spawn, Spawn 06 -------Skull, Spawn, Spawn, Heart... Read More

Power Rangers: Time Force

 Level passwords 2 = DBBR 3 = GCB5 4 = HCB9... Read More

Perfect Dark

 Gameshark Codes: Infinite Health 012530c0 Infinite Ammo First Person 010fe6ff Infinite Health First Person View 012500d9 -- 012580d7 Infinite Shotgun Ammo 010f52db -- 010f10db Spider Boss 1 Hit Kill! 010054d5 Infinite 6-YYY Ammo 010f10db Infinite Falcon 2 Ammo 010f04db Transfer Pak Cheats Use your Gameboy version of Perfect Dark to unlock four cheats on your N64 version of Perfect Dark. Use a Transfer Pak and download your information from the Gameboy version to the N64 version. This will make four cheats available. You'll unlock: Cloaking Device Hurricane Fists R-Tracker All Guns in Solo mode... Read More

Prince of Persia

 Level Passwords 2 06769075 3 28611065 4 92117015 5 87019105 6 46308135 7 65903195 8 70914195 9 68813685 10 01414654 11 32710744 12 26614774 Final battle 98119464 End 89012414... Read More


 Level Password 2-1 ---Cross, X, Moon, Cross 3-1 ---Vertical Lines, Vertical Lines, Maze, Swirl 4-1 ---X, Moon, Triangles, Cross 5-1 ---Triangles, Triangles, Moon, Vertical Lines 6-1 ----Swirl, Maze, Cross, Triangles... Read More

Gundam Seed Battle Assault

 Screenshots Gallery Finish the game once Special mission games Finish the game once... Read More

Mortal Kombat

 PLAY AS GORO Finish the whole game with any fighter. Wait for the credits and the words "The End" to appear. Simultaneously press and hold Up+Left, Select and A until the Title screen appears. Release all buttons, and press Start.... Read More

Wario Blast!

 All power-ups: Enter 4622 as a password for Bomberman or 2264 for Wario. Special battle: Enter 5656 as a password for Bomberman or 6565 for Wario. Defeat all 120 opponents to win the game. Level passwords: Enter one of he following passwords to play the corresponding level as Wario. To play as Bomberman, reverse the password. Level Password 1-1 (None) 1-2 6007 1-3 4778 1-B 1415 2-1 5819 2-2 0164 2-3 0362 2-B 9653 3-1 1048 3-2 4268 3-3 3710 3-B 8282 4-1 2514 4-2 1543 4-3 2134 4-B 4780 5-1 9091 5-2 0105 5-3 4092 5-B 6271 6-1 4163 6-2 0160 6-3 7689 6-B 8169 7-1 4881 7-2 2077 7-3 5296 7-B 0117 8-1 4185 8-2 6318 8-3 0930 8-B 8513 Hidden one-on-one game: Play the game in a Super Game Boy on the SNES with a second controller available. You can now play a one-on-one game. You can use the Multi-Tap accessory to play a four player game.... Read More


 Championship Match Select "playoffs" from the main menu enter "Mik" as initials. Then, enter "R4QKFCWDG" as a password. submitted by: Yardley SHOT PERCENTAGE On the Tonight's Match-Up screen, tap any button three times, then hold Up and B until the game begins. POWER UP FIRE On the Tonight's Match-Up screen, hold Left and press any button seven times. Continue holding Left until you see the words "Power Up Fire." POWER UP DUNKS On the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press any button 10 times. Then hold Down and A until you see the words "Power Up Dunks." POWER UP TURBO On the Tonight's Match-Up screen, quickly press any button 15 times. Then hold Up and B until the game starts. JUICE MODE On the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press A 14 times. Then hold A and B until the game starts. PLAY AS KABUKI On the screen where you enter your initials, enter the initials F and R. Then place the cursor over the letter E. Press Left and B at the same time and the initials FRD will be entered so that you ca... Read More

Harvest Moon

 Cool Cow When you get your first cow start it's name with a heart symbol and it will give good milk and grow up fast. Infinite Egg Wait until one of your chickens lays an egg directly above the shipping box. Water the egg and it will turn into a block. Now pick up the "egg", and you will have infinite eggs, and lots of money! The Name Game Capitalize the first letter of your name to grow eggplants and carrots. Leave the first letter of your name lowercase to grow peanuts and broccoli. To grow all of the above, make the first letter of your name begin with a symbol, such as a heart.... Read More

Oddworld Adventures

 Chant in the Password Screen If you want to chant in the Password screen, first go to the Gamespeak screen and chant by pressing LEFT. Then go into password, and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, or DOWN rapidly to hear Abe chant. Passwords Here is a complete list of passwords: ___ ___ ___ ___ | | | | | | | | |2| |3| |4| |5| |_| |_| |_| |_| ___ ___ ___ | | | | | | |1| |6| |7| |_| |_| |_| Password Doors JCBCM 1 JCCCL 1,7 SCBCC 1,2 JDBCL 1,3 JFBCP 1,4 JHBCR 1,5 JMBCC 1,6 SCCCB 1,2,7 SDBCB 1,2,3 JDCCM 1,3,7 JFCCN 1,4,7 JMCCB 1,6,7 JHCCQ 1,5,7 JGBCN 1,3,4 JJBCQ 1,3,5 JNBCB 1,3,6 JKBCT 1,4,5 JPBCF 1,4,6 JRBCH 1,5,6 SHBCH 1,2,5 SFBCF 1,2,4 SMBCM 1,2,6 SDCCC 1,2,3,7 SFCCD 1,2,4,7 SHCCG 1,2,5,7 SMCCL 1,2,6,7 SGBCD 1,2,3,4 SJBCG 1,2,3,5 SNBCL 1,2,3,6 JRCCG 1,5,6,7 JPCCD 1,4,6,7 JNCCC 1,3,6,7 JKCCS 1,4,5,7 JJCCR 1,3,5,7 JGCCP 1,3,4,7 JLBCS 1,3,4,5 JQBCD 1,3,4,6 JSBCG 1,3,5,6 JTBCK 1,4,5,6 SRBCR 1,2,5,6 SKBCK 1,2,4,5 SPBCP 1,2,4,6 SNCCM 1,2,3,6,7 SGCCF 1,2,3,4,7 SJCCH 1,2,3,5,7 SKCCJ 1,2,4,5,7 SPCCN 1,2,4,6... Read More


 Sound test: Press Up/Right and press Start at the title screen.... Read More

Best of the Best

 Title Passwords 8 Titles - CT06466H/ 10 Titles - N5SD4/BX7 11 Titles - N5SH4/BXG 12 Titles - N.SP4/RHD 13 Titles - N5S54/BXK 16 Titles - N0S543PHM... Read More

WWF: Warzone

 Passwords : Status Password HHH vs. Bulldog DGSCDHG HHH vs. Bulldog in feud CKRFCJK HHH vs. Mankind MKRFCSK HHH vs. Undertaker DJQFBKJ HHH vs. The Rock HCPHKBC HHH vs. Shawn Michaels JGDHJCB HHH vs. Shawn Michaels in feud HKCKHDF HHH vs. Shamrock RKCKHNF HHH vs. Kane JJBKGFD HHH vs. Kane in feud MMTMPQR HHH vs. The Rock CMTMPGR HHH vs. Farooaq for IC NQSMNRQ HHH vs. Stone Cold CTRPMJT HHH vs. Owen Hart in cage for championship NSQPLTS Kane vs. Steve Austin JHRFGGK Kane vs. Goldust HJSCKKG Kane vs. Owen Hart JKTCJJH Kane vs. Owen Hart in feud CBLKCCD Kane vs. Bulldog MBLKCMD Kane vs. Rocky Miavia DHCKBBF Kane vs. Rocky Miavia in feud CJDHFFB Kane vs. Shawn Michaels in grudge DKFHDDC Kane vs. Mankind MJDHFBB Kane vs. Ahmed Johnson RLQPRRS Kane vs. Ahmed J. in feud SRRPQQT Kane vs. Undertaker for IC title JRRPQGT Kane vs. Undertaker in feud RSSMTTQ Kane vs. Shamrock HSSMTKQ Kane vs. Farooq in cage for Championship STTMSSR Mankind vs. Ahmed Johnson DHRFNGG Mankind vs. The Rock CJSCMKK Mank... Read More

Castlevania 2

 Ten Fighters For your password, enter in candle, candle, heart, heart. Cloud Castle On the password screen: Heart, Heart, Crystal Ball, Blank. Final Showdown On the password screen: Ball, Heart, Candle, Heart. Crystal Castle On the password screen: Blank, Candle, Heart, Heart. Rock Castle On the password screen: Candle, Heart, Heart, Crystal Ball.... Read More

Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command

 Level Password 2 BBVBB 3 CVVBB 4 XBVBB 5 YVVBB 6 GBVBB 7 HVVBB 8 3BVBB 9 4VVBB 10 LBVBB 11 MVVBB 12 7BVBB 13 8VVBB... Read More


 Level Passwords TLKSS LEIQX VOTAJ... Read More

Powerpuff Girls: Paint The Townsville Green

 Power-up Select the "Enter Secrets" option at the main menu, then enter "EBSTORE" as a code. The Utonium Chateau level Select the "Enter Secrets" option at the main menu, then enter "BEATBRICK" as a code to defeat the red Rowdyruff Boy Brick and gain access to the girls' and Professor's suburban home.... Read More


 Unlimited Lives Password: BBBBBBBD Adventure World: Enter CDZZNDJC as a password. Fantasy World: Enter JFPLRFXP as a password.... Read More


 View ending sequence Enter "9?!1N?BKT?51G" as a password. Hidden sequence Wait until the end of the credits to view the end of the story... Read More



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