GameBoy Advance


Thunderbirds: International Rescue

 Cheat Codes: Status - Password Mission 1, Level 2 - Scott Tracy, Thunderbird 5, Evil Hood, Jeff Tracy Mission 1, Level 3 - Tin-Tin, Lady Penelope, Tracy Island, Alan Tracy... Read More

Lunar Legend

 Refresh Characters If you wish to heal your characters HP and MP fully without finding an Althena statue this is the trick for you. Simply save your game and reload that saved file and your characters will be fully healed. You do not have to turn off the GBA just "save" and then choose to "load". Unlock Sound Test and Music Test Beat the game once to unlock these options. Restore HP and MP While walking around, save your game, and turn off the Game Boy Advance. Load your saved game and all of your character's HP and MP will be restored. Easy experience To get a lot of experience early in the game, fight the Snow Dogs that appear in Sub-Vane (the place you go to when you first try to teleport to Vane). The Snow Dogs amount to about 150 experience points and near 1000 silver each. They are very fast and they run away. Equip yourself with items that increase speed. You can also fight their babies, the Snow Pups, encountered beyond the southern gate of Nanza (in the valley where you first ... Read More

Altered Beast: Guardian Of The Realms

 Control main menu: Press Start at the title screen. Hold L or R at the main menu to control the background's movement. Hold either button longer to move it faster.... Read More

Mega Man Zero 2

 Hard Mode First, beat the game. Now hold L when selecting a new game to play on hard mode. Unlockable: Gallery First, beat the game on hard. Now highlight "NEW GAME" and hold L + A + SELECT and press START. Unlockable: Forms Defense Form: Kill 20 enemies with the Shield Boomerang Active Form: Kill 20 enemies with the Z-Saber while dashing Energy Form: Obtain 25 Life Capsules Erase Form: Ricochet 30 shots with Shield Boomerang Power Form: Pull something 30 times with Chain Rod Rise Form: Kill 10 enemies with Z-Saber Ultimate Form: Use Every Cyber Elf X Form: Kill 50 enemies with Buster Gun Alternate Zero armors Successfully complete the game under the easy, normal, and hard difficulty settings. Then, press Start and press L or R until you get to a menu with Zero's helmet with a different color. There are pink, black, and red versions. Using the Whip Not only can the Whip get far items, but it can also move some heavy cubes and perform a swinging move. Hold [B] while in the air, and when... Read More


 Singapore track Enter "26241" as a code. Sydney track Enter "83424" as a code. Jojo car Enter "06254" as a code. Kera car Enter "16175" as a code. Skye car Enter "12711" as a code. Vinnie car Enter "17993" as a code. Intermediate difficulty Enter "41966" as a code. Intermediate difficulty and bonus car Enter "32906" as a code. Intermediate difficulty, bonus track, bonus car Enter "63068" as a code. Expert difficulty Enter "74883" as a code. Expert difficulty, bonus track, bonus car Enter "45120" as a code.... Read More

Finding Nemo

 Final level: Enter H0C0 as a password. Level select and all pictures in gallery: Enter M6HM as a password. ALL LEVELS K252 2161 1261 2H61 1252 JJP1 JZ51 2951 HOCO JID0 KJD2 K2FW submitted by: CHEAT DUDE Level: Finding Father Type in 88MO as a password. Level: Treatment Plant Type QQ3H as a password. Level: Turtle Drive Start Finding Nemo and go to passwords. Type in R7L2 and after Turtle Drive comes up press start. Glitch:Objects through rocks When you drop and object really close to a rock you notice it will go through the rock. submitted by: Adam... Read More

Ultimate Beach Soccer

 Bicycle Kick Hold L until your player flips the ball up, then press B while the ball is in the air. Press A and your player will do a Bicycle Kick or Volley. Submitted by: Tigro... Read More

Desert Strike Advance

 Extra lives: Enter BS9JS27 as a password to begin a campaign with ten lives. Ending sequence: Enter F9N5CJ8 as a password. Level Password 2 3ZJMZT7 3 K32L82R 4 JR8P8M8... Read More

Power Rangers: Wild Force

 Skip credits After you complete the game press all the buttons to skip the credits. Level - Password - Alternate: City Of Turtle Cove - LMSBT - LQSMP Ghost Town Turtle Cove Park - 34SBT - MQSPS Factory Turtle Dyne Laboratory - M39BB - 5Q9PT Turtle Cove Harbor - N59BF - N79PB Cruise Ship - PPSBG - 6Q9PB Temple Ruins Jungle - 7P9CJ - P79PC Animarium - !7SMD... Read More

Gekido Advance

 Level Select Level 1: PORTO Level 2: SACCO Level 3 TAPPO Level 4 TEMPO Level 5 BECCO Unlimited Energy Enter pizza as a password.... Read More

Legends Of Wrestling 2

 Bonus wrestlers: Finish a season in the world region in career mode with a 100% audience rank to fight another wrestler. Defeat him to unlock him in all modes.... Read More

Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu 2

 Gambunta vs. Shukaku mini-game Intentionally allow Sakura and Sasuke to die in the level where you are looking for Gaara. Continue the level as Naruto and defeat Gaara in his sand shell to play the mini-game. Rock Lee Successfully complete the game. Third Hockage scroll Unlock Rock Lee, then complete the game again, with all "A" ranks. The third Hokage scroll will appear in place of the Kakashi scroll.... Read More

Fairly OddParents GBA Video Volume 1

 Chapter control: Press L to go back a chapter. Press R to skip a chapter. Extra features: Press Up(2), A, Down, L(2), B at the menu. Screen control: Press A to lighten the screen. Press B button to darken the screen.... Read More

Lego Drome Racers

 Quick start: Hold A when the "1" appears during the pre-race countdown to get a quick start.... Read More

Rugrats: Castle Capers

 Beat all levels Enter "CSPLLQWPTWYJ" as a password. Snow Problem and Sure Would Forest levels will not be completed. Begin at last level Enter "JSJRJKSLXCFJ" as a password. Level Password 2 - QGPCJNWXGWCB 3 - QQTKJYWLGKGF 4 - CTKLJKGLSCQR 5 - RLPTKKGLWKWP 6 - FZLDVHMMDQRB End - JSJRJKSLXCFJ... Read More

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

 Secret tournaments You need to complete the regular game by clearing tournament class S to unlock tournament classes X to Z. Class X (Shadow Tournament) Complete class S (Master Tournament). Class Y (Ashura Tournament) Complete class X. Class Z (Chaos Tournament) Complete class Y. Yami Net Area (Survival) Complete Class Z. Getting the Data chips Data chip 1 - Talking to Higsby for 20 times Data chip 2 - Finish the Ajina Free battle Data chip 3 - Finish S class Data chip 4 - Finish the 128 tournament Unlockables AntiElec - Beat Tournament 32 AntiFire - Beat Tournament 32 AntiWatr - Beat Tournament 32 Anubis - Beat Tournament 16 Aqua+40 - Beat Tournament 64 AquaCust - Beat Tournament 128 Atk+30 - Beat Tournament 64 BigBomb - Beat Tournament 16 BlckHole - Beat Tournament 128 DblSnsr - Beat Tournament 16 DropDown - Beat Tournament 32 Elec+40 - Beat Tournament 64 ElecTeam - Beat Tournament 128 Fire+40 - Beat Tournament 64 FireRat - Beat Tournament 16 FrntSnsr - Beat Tournament 16 Geyser - B... Read More

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games

 Alternate ending sequence: Collect all entries in the Hamigo Card File. Silver Rainbow Cup: Successfully complete the game two times. Free play mode: Successfully complete the game. Hamigo Card File: Successfully complete the game.... Read More

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation

 Unlockables Perform the task in order to unlock the thing specified after it. Single Player Mode - Finish the Story Mode Sound Effect Test Mode - Buy for 1000 zenie on the store Music Test Mode - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store Sprite Test Mode - Buy for 5000 zenie on the store Portrait Gallery Mode - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store SS Goku Character - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store Piccolo Character - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store SS Vegeta Character - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store SS4 Goku Character - Buy for 4000 zenie on the store Super Baby Vegeta Character - Buy for 6000 zenie on the store Sayan Difficulty Mode - Buy for 8000 zenie on the store Explosive Touch - Buy for 6000 zenie on the store Hard Difficulty Mode - Buy for 1000 zenie on the store Change Game Speed - Buy for 1000 zenie on the store Endurance Mode - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store Boss Endurance Mode - Buy for 4000 zenie on the store Robot Swarm Mode - Buy for 3000 zenie on the store Multiplayer Endurance Mod... Read More

Pokemon Emerald

 What happens with three rare pokemon when you get far enough you get to face gradon and kidoer, in a dobble battle (both of them fighting you) you can catch them or defeate them and after you do that rukuza will come down frome the sky and face you. submitted by: Sharif Masterball Masterball trick To use the masterball trick when you throw the pokeball hold down and a when you see the ball open hold a and b (this does not work with all balls) It works with these: Pokeball level 20-1 greatball 30-1 Ultra ball 40-1 usually 35-1 submitted by: Masterballer Get A Kanto Starter! After catching 60 Pokemon and beating the Elite 4 at least one time go back to Littleroot Town and talk to Prof. Birch. He will give you the National Dex (your pokedex upgrade), and he will allow you to choose from either Totodile, Chikorita, or Cyndaquil (the three original starters from the Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions). National Pokedex Beat the Elite 4. Proffessor Birch will visit you and give it to you onc... Read More

Silent Hill

 Play as Cybil Bennett Successfully complete the game with Harry Mason and get any ending. Then, press Left or Right at the character selection screen to use Cybil Bennett... Read More



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