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Gameboy Color


Vegas Games

 $15,000 Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTTBFRT0T. Note: The password includes the number "0" and not the letter "O". $32,000 Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TT046BTZT. Note: The password includes the number "0" and not the letter "O". $120,000 Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTTZW3TTT. $345,000 Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTT6FDR3T. [$490,000 Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTT$TRMTT. $635,000 Go to the ATM, select "Password" then enter TTT2FXMZT. Game: Vegas Games. Platform... Read More

Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle

 Level Passwords Caverns FLTYWTRS Volcano GNGDWN Prison SLTHHRNG Prison 2 BNGDNSD Wilderness SWNGRBTS Scourge SWPNGBLW... Read More

Resident Evil Gaiden

 99 ammunition: You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. (twelfth save point). Intentionally die when fighting B.O.W. and use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and repeat this until you have 99 ammunition. You can also get other bullets in these locations. Power control room (grenade rounds) Boiler room (rocket launcher ammo) First class cabin (gas launcher rounds)... Read More

PopN Music GB

 All songs Enter PERCUSSION or MAX as a password.... Read More


 Level Passwords 01: TYCKPQ 02: TJYPDF 03: ZXCVBM 04: KDZCPL 05: MHGQZS 06: SPLHRJ 07: YPMBCL 08: SDWZCM 09: DPWMQZ 10: LKLPDX 11: XCSQSS 12: MPQPRY 13: JKRTSC 14: DXCMGH 15: LPJKHX... Read More

Blaster Master: Enemy Below

 Level Passwords 01: E6C3D3KF 02: E6D3D3KG 03: E7C3D3KH 04: E7D3D3KI 05: F6C3D3KQ 06: F6D3D3KR 07: F7C3D3KU 08: F7D3D3KT... Read More

Diva Stars

 Super password Enter RTRMTHMMGV as a password to only have one Diva left to unlock.... Read More


 Level Passwords Level 1 5GF3SGV1V Level 2 4GF3SGV1T Level 3 7GF3SGV1X Level 4 6GF3SGV1V... Read More

Metroid 2: Return Of Samus

 60 missiles and 99 health Enter your ship and run left to right until both walls are hit once. Defeating Alpha Metroid Normally, when you are in a room with an Alpha Metroid, it will not start moving until you get somewhat close to it. If you jump up and shoot it with a missile at a distance, it will appear to do nothing. However, if you then get close enough so that it starts chasing you, it will immediately take damage from the missile you shot earlier. This can be used to get some extra space at the beginning of the fight, and to kill it faster. In-game reset Press Select + Start + [A] + [B] during game play to return to the main screen. 60 missiles and 99 health Enter your ship and run left to right until both walls are hit once. Alternate ending sequence Successfully complete the game in three hours or less and Samus will be wearing a bikini in the ending sequence.... Read More

Zelda: Links Awakening

 Get new Music: Enter ZELDA as a name.... Read More


 All vehicles password: 0-Z-6-S-Z-D-skull-V... Read More

Tech Deck Skateboarding

 Alternate Finger Guy color: Enter T3CH3LGHQST as a password. Level Passwords: Level 1 BBBBXBBBJCX Level 2 BBBC9NGBJFP Level 3 VBBBZHBLJB6 Level 4 VBBCWTGLJDP Level 5 LBBBVTBGJBN Level 6 LBBD2DZGJBY Level 7 4BBC5DVQJC- Level 8 4BBBFMZQJFQ Level 9 GBBDBKVDJFW Level 10 GBBDJK2JJBT Level 11 ZBBDQQLNJFP Level 12 ZBBBZCQNJDK Level 13 ABBD2CLJJFG Level 14 QBBDFCQJJBC Level 15 8BBFJPLSJDS End XBBBWPCMSBT... Read More

SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of Spatula

 Get to chest: You dont have to use an anchor to get to the chest that says you need to collect the oven knobs. Get close to the still bubble platform right at the beginning of the goo and right when the edge is at the screen then let spongebob sink and he will be at the chest. Unlock All levels & items: At the continue screen, enter D3BVG-M0D3. Here's what to use for the bosses in each level: Giant Jellyfish Item to use: Bubble Wand What happens: It'll get trapped Patty Bandit What to use: Spatula Happens: It'll get full of patties Jungleman Item: Wand Effect: Unknown Flying Dutchman Item: Spatula Effect: same as Patty Bandit How to get the Power Ring: Talk to Mermaid Man wearing a Hall Moniter badge. He'll think you're a TV repairman and give you the ring. While wearing it you'll be invinsible!... Read More

The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages

 Super password: Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. A Triforce will be next to Link at the main screen. You will start with the Victory Ring (Triforce Ring) showing you beat Ganon. t b Heart S b $ g s Square / Square f 4 ( ! Y $ ? ~ 7 Hints: Extra hearts: If you are in a dungeon and low on hearts, find some hearts in bushes, then go to another room and return. Get the heart at the same spot that you originally found it. Repeat until all your hearts are full. In some cases this also works for other items. Note: This only works in certain parts of the game where anyone would place them (if they could). Extra Rings: When the red snake in Vasu's shop lets you say a secret, enter the first fourteen letters/symbols of the secret that the red snake gives you. Then, go through every letter/symbol in the fifteenth spot in the secret. Many times the secret will be wrong or it will give you no rings. However, if you want to spend the time, it does work. Whe... Read More

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland

 Sky Dragon Stand under the Sk yDragon above the farm before clearing C class. Start from the left corner. When you move upwards, the Sky Dragon will move. Next, move down and move to the last rope on the right. Go up and the Sky Dragon will move again. Move down again and move to the rope starting from the left, the second rope and go up. You will reach him. GulpBeast Breed a Yeti (pedigree) with a Puptripup. Recommended skills HellBlast: level 34 BigBang: level 36 Surge: level 23 GigaSlash: level 33 BazooCall: level 35 HealUsAll: level 28 MegaMagic: level 38 MultiCut: level 28 UltraDown: level 21 Jamirus Breed am Akubar with a Rainhawk. It does not matter which one is the pedigree. Finding Darkhorn To find Darkhorn in the Labyrinth Gate, move up, up, up, left, down, down, left. Titanis Breed a Durran with a DarkHorn. Find the Princess of Moonbrook Find the Lar Mirror on the ground near the wind tower. You have to press A on the ground. Go to the town of Hamlin. There will be a dog som... Read More

Godzilla: The Series

 Passwords Level 2: NCFRGJJBBK Level 3: DMTFLSBFQM Level 4: PKDJMPLNPS Level 5: KDQLHRNDCN Level 6: DQSPCFPFJR Last level: DMJMBJRFFR... Read More

Magical Tetris Challenge

 Bonus single player modes Successfully complete the game in quest mode and wait until the credits end. Another option (Magical Tetris, Signal Tetris, or Towering Tetris) will now be unlocked in single player mode, depending on the difficulty setting used to complete quest mode.... Read More

Rainbow Six

 Unlimited ammunition Intentionally have one member of your team get killed. Press Start and select the "Goto" feature. Because you just instructed the CPU to go to the same team that just had a member killed, it will find the second-in-charge man. He will now have unlimited ammunition. Note: You will no longer have your targeting pointer.... Read More

Spider-Man 2

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

NFL Blitz

 Cheat codes: At the match-up screen in exhibition mode, press Start, B and A the indicated number of times. ie: 2-3-1-Up means Start, Start, B, B, B, A, Up. 2-0-2-Right Desert field 2-2-2-Right Night game 3-2-3-Down Parking lot 3-3-3-Left No pointer 4-2-3-Down No fumbles 4-3-3-Up Invisible receiver 5-1-4-Up Unlimited turbo 5-5-1-Up Strange colors 0-0-6-Up Start in overtime... Read More



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