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Sonic Jam

 Extra Life: For an extra life, pause the game while playing and press A, A, A, D, D. Invincibility: Press PAUSE while playing then press A, B, C, A.... Read More

Duke Nukem 3D

 All Items: To gain all the key cards and other items, pause the game, then press A, C, D, C and press the lower right corner of the screen twice. All Weapons: While playing, pause the game then press B, A, D, A, D, D for all weapons and maximum ammo. Key Card Tip: When you pick up a key card, you have access to all locked doors. But if you decide not to use the key card in the level you first found it in, you may keep it and use it in a later level that you can't seem to find a key card in. Don't forget! When you start a new episode, you lose all key cards you may have previously collected. Quick Shot: As you turn a corner, hold down the A button to get a quick shot or two before your enemy does.... Read More

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

 Menu: To activate the ? box on the Options menu, press Up, C, D, B. This extra option will enable one-button fatalities, instant aggressor, and low damage. If you've enabled One-Button Fatalities, press one of the buttons below after you've defeated your opponent: A=Brutality B=Fatality C=Babality D=Friendship Babalities: To perform a babality (it's the same for everyone) when it asks you finish him press towards, back, back, punch. To have this work you must not press the block button in the second or third rounds. Brutalities: To perform any character's brutality, press Toward, Toward, Toward, Down, A. Fatalities: To do any fatality, simply tap TOWARD, TOWARD, TOWARD, DOWN+PUNCH. You can do this from anywhere because the warrior will walk to where it needs to do its fatality be itself. Fighting Moves: In the moves below, B=backwards, F=forwards, U=up, D=down, P=punch, HK=high kick, LK=low kick, and BL=block. RAIN: Lightining:B-F-F-HP Power Ball:D-F-P+BL Fire Ball: Press B, B, A, C RA... Read More

Wheel of Fortune 2

 Don't Get Greedy: If you know the answer, SOLVE THE PUZZLE! The higher your score, the more likely you'll spin a Bankrupt. Thus it's prudent to finish puzzles as quickly as possible. Most Common Letters: When guessing, remember that the most common letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, N, I, R, and S.... Read More

Lights Out

 Playing Tips: Level 1-Press the square 2nd to the end. Now press first row 3rd square. Now press the 1st square. Level 2-Press the one on the second row 2nd to the last. Then the 1st row 4th square. Then 2nd row 2nd square. Level 3-Press the 2nd row 1st square. Then the 4th row 4th square, then the last row, last square. Level 4-Press the 3rd row 3rd square. Then 2nd row 3rd square. Then 1st row 3rd square.... Read More

Lost World

 Passwords: The following passwords will start you on the desired level with 9 lives. Tembo Level Password 2 5730d2i 3 5531d2j 4 5h32d26 6 bcggdhh Harding's Passwords Level Password 2 573cd26 4 57gedf4 6 5c3gd2h Playing Tip: For best results in the racing levels use the motorcycle. It's smaller and easier to handle than a car, and can be used by either player. Throw Bait: On any side-scrolling world, hold the D button and press B to throw bait and/or poison.... Read More


 King of the Table: You probably know that Kings can be placed on empty spaces, but in the Game.Com version you can place them on ANY pile as long as the top-most card is face down. Use this to your advantage. Playing Tip: To increase your score, be sure to finish the game before the clock runs out. Otherwise the highest you can score is 208... Read More

Batman & Robin

 30 Lives: To start with 30 lives, press C, Left, Down, B, Right at the title screen. Infinite Lives: At the title screen, press Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down. Small Characters on the Selection Screen: Go to the OPTIONS screen, highlight EXITS and press Left, Right, Right, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Down. Repeat this three more times then start the game. Sound Test: Enable the "View ending sequence" code. Press Left + C during the ending sequence to pause. Press B, C, D, or the D-pad to hear different sounds. Unlimited Weapons: At the player selection screen, press Up, Left, Down, A, C, D. Submitted by Craig Lowe View Ending: To view the ending animation, press B, D, B, D, B, D at the title screen.... Read More

Arcade Classics

 Robotron - God Mode: Start a game of Robotron, then go to the options screen. From here, click on "Lives" 50 times to activate God Mode.... Read More

Wheel of Fortune

 Don't Get Greedy: If you know the answer, SOLVE THE PUZZLE! The higher your score, the more likely you'll spin a Bankrupt. Thus it's prudent to finish puzzles as quickly as possible. More Time in the Bonus Round: Press the menu button during the bonus round. The timer will stop, giving you more time to solve the puzzle. Most Common Letters: When guessing, remember that the most common letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, N, I, R, and S.... Read More

Fighters Megamix

 Fighting Moves: Janet: Gun Shot - b,f+P+K Hornet: Driving Low Hit - f,f+P Siba: Sword Slash - b+P Kids Sarah: Jumping Circle Kick - u/l+k Unlock Hidden Characters: In order to unlock charcters in Fighers Megamix you have to beat certian courses. Here is a list of what course unlocks what character. Course 1= Kids Sarah (From Virtua Fighter Kids) Course 2= Janet (From Virtual Cop) Course 3= Hornet (From Sega Touring Car) Course 4= Siba... Read More

Indy 500

 Always Win: Entering this code will make the user always finish first. The current lap will become the last lap. To access this code, first be in third person view behind the car racing. Then, press "PAUSE" button to pause the game. Touch the on-screen TIMER and it should bring up the SECRET CODE LIST. Then press: D-B-C-D-B-C Code Screen: Start a normal game and choose Car A or Car C. When the real race begins (not time trials), pause the game. You will see a menu that says "Continue, Restart, Exit." If you are using Car A, touch the part of the screen where your time shows. If you are using Car C, touch the bottom right or left corners of the screen. Note: I believe this brings you to the SECRET CODE LIST mentioned in the other codes. Can someone or deny this? Skip Race: Begin the game as usual. Go to the options menu and change the level to "Easy". Choose Car A and race the time trial. When you are on the last lap, hold the A button throughout the last lap. Once you finish the time t... Read More



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